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I am a sucker for wrist watches, if there is one accessory I cannot leave my home without, its a watch! When Frederique Constant sent me a review unit of its stainless steel gorgeous Swiss timepiece that has a bonus smartwatch feature I couldn’t resist.
Fitness brands and wrist watches run the gamut! With every brand vying to jump onto the”wearable tech” band wagon. Fitbits are the in thing with every second person that I meet is sporting it. The styles vary and the competition to be measure health and to stay fit is mainstream. Smartphones connected to wrist watches and bands has come a long way and only getting better and smarter. 


Personal Coach

I love the look of this luxury watch, by Frederique Constant , like all their designs this is classic and elegant. The best part about this is, it tracks your activities like sleep, steps and pushes notifications via its downloadable app called MMT-365. It also shows you some good reading material about health, sleep and why fitness is important.

Its your own personal coach if you ask me. But one drawback I felt so far is that the notifications at times fail and I have to restart my phone or the app for it to sync. I have a feeling the android version which I am currently using is not that great and the updates take longer than those using it on IOS.


But once synced it does what it says. I am a light sleeper! For me to gauge the patterns and behavior of how I sleep, is amazing and intriguing at the same time.


This watch is elegant and chic and way better than any activity trackers out there. It is on the pricey side so you get the looks with the smartwatch bit added as a bonus. I have a tiny wrist and so this was perfect. The dial is 34mm and sits pretty. Best part as its stainless steel with a white dial, it goes well with every outfit.

Smart Watch or Not?

The bluetooth smartwatch has to be enabled with the app MMT365. Once personalised and targets keyed in into your steps for the day or the sleep time. It does what it says.
I work out daily and for me this was a bit uncomfortable to use due to the sweat. It gives you basic insight into the calories burnt and the steps taken (target you had set).
For me the plus side to having this was the sleep tracker. You get to see your progress through the night – Wake time, Deep and Light sleep. It is very responsive and the timer sets off a light vibration when it’s time to wake up.
So far the only thing is to get the app to sync to the watch. The bluetooth enabled, does lapse and have to reset or unpair to get the process in motion. I had to press the crown a good couple of times to get it to activate sync.


Like all Frederique Constant watches, this timepiece is beautiful. To look at and to wear, no complains about the Swiss craftsmanship there!
Apart from the sync feature, which was a let down. I liked the statistics that this app throwed up especially for my sleep pattern. It was spot on and helped me to make a few changes so I could get that full 7 hours of uninterupted sleep.

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Frédérique Constant was established in its current form in 1988. Aletta Bax and Peter Stas launched their first collection in 1992, comprising six models fitted with Swiss movements and assembled by a watchmaker in Geneva. Frédérique Constant is involved in all the stages of watch production, from initial design to final assembly. Watches manufactured under its trademark are either designed by Frédérique Constant or by independent designers contracted for a specific series of models.To know more  – ‘CLICK HERE’


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