A Fishy Experience – A visit to FreshtoHome Factory (Bangalore)

I have had many unique food experiences and trails, but the one that stands out to date has to be my recent visit to Fresh To Home ( home-based seafood delivery app) . Some of us media and bloggers from Bangalore got a first-hand experince and tour of the entire process followed at Fresh to Home. 

What is Fresh to Home? 

Freshtohome is a delivery based app, that ensures all the fresh catch of the day is served to your doorstep. It is an online marketplace that sells fresh fish, livestock and homegrown produce, FreshtoHome sources its fish, seafood, poultry, mutton, and Vegetables from local fishermen, farmers, and livestock breeders in and around the country.  There is no middleman involved to ensure freshness, authenticity, and low costs. 

We were in for a Real Treat!

We had to lock away our precious phones, and any accessories we wore to ensure we do not take any contamination inside the factory. From overcoats to long rubber boots, and hairnets, we set off on an expedition looking our finest.

Once the seafood arrives at the factory, it’s necessary to process it as soon as possible, to guarantee its maximum freshness and quality. I was amazed as there was no stench at all. Usually, there is always an unpleasant fishy odor around the entire factory or market when it comes to meat or seafood! Here it was just smell-free and freezing, to be honest…It was so cold to maintain a standard temperature to ensure everything stays fresh.

Endless rows of Seafood

What is your favorite seafood? You name it they have it. There were species I never saw or heard of until my visit here. Each fish just lay there, and I wondered in awe at the depth and variety we humans consume. 

The Process and Flow by FreshtoHome 

Before daybreak, the team sets out to the auction areas and bid to get the best of the lot. Once the transaction is complete the seafood arrives at the factory to be tested ( for chemicals like Ammonia and formalin), cleaned, processed, and shipped out. 

The entire factory is streamlined and set in batches. The fresh catch of the day is tested to ensure its chemical-free! I got a chance to test one of the mackerels myself. It is a tedious process, to ensure the freshness and an array of sampling is done. It’s not individual seafood that is tested but a random few selected from the lot. 

The seafood is then sent to the next section to be cleaned (guts and all). From here it goes out to another thorough inspection and then packed according to size and required content set by the factory. i.e 500gms to a kilo and upwards.  

There is the meat section for poultry and mutton as well. Once again it’s clean, hygienic, no stench what so ever, and you cant tell if you are in a processing meat factory.

Just outside the factory, we got to see some fish breeding, along with some vegetable saplings in the greenhouse. They also grow and package freshly cut vegetables. 

All this walking around got us famished and it was time to eat some of the fresh catch of the day. The inhouse chef didn’t fail to disappoint, all the dishes served were from the factory and most of it from their marinated range. My top pick has to be the Prawn ghee roast. 

You to can enjoy some of the wide range of gourmet meats, exotic varieties of fresh Fish & Seafood via the app.

Tried the FreshtoHome app yet?

Shan Kadavil, is the CEO of Freshtohome. I got to meet him and interact with him, his passion and dream of leaving a techie job to continue to supply fresh fish throughout the country and abroad has made Freshtohome a success story. Along with the seafood and meat options to chose from, they also supply Dosa batter and cut vegetable/produce. You also get marinated options for meat and seafood too. 

Make sure to check the website and create a login and save your address. You can download the app on either IOS or Google Play. The delivery is swift and well packaged on the same day. The shelf life marked on the order is about 3 to 4 days, depends on how you store. I would suggest putting it in the freezer and consume within a week or so.  Freshtohome is available and operates in Karnataka, Kerala, TN, Delhi and now in UAE.

With the A team, at Freshtohome

I Hope you liked the blog post about a fishy tale and factory visit? To shop click on the link – Freshtohome

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