The Roaring 20s Collection by HIDESIGN

The Roaring 20’s was an era that still remains one of the most sort after for its fashion, and glamour. It is usually referred to as the Crazy Years. A time when Jazz and fashion took centre stage.

The Roaring 20s, has its mark in history as women won the right to vote. A massive victory towards women empowerment. The Victorian ideals took a back seat and women in general, stood up for their rights, were free-spirited and wore outrageous and elaborate bold garments. The Flapper dress until today is the most iconic garment, forever changed fashion and we still seek style inspirations from the by-gone era even today.

I was invited by THE HIDESIGN GROUP, owns a global leather accessories brand called HIDESIGN  for an exclusive getaway along with a ton of  pampering at their two properties – The Promenade and Le Dupleix in Pondicherry. Some of us got introduced to the gorgeous collection called THE ROARING 20s. More about my elaborate staycation at those venues soon on another blog post. For now let me show you some of the stunning pieces that I loved and styled.

HIDESIGN pronounced HIDE-SIGN and not HI-DESIGN. Finally glad I did pronounce it right, even after being corrected by a few that it was the latter. Hearing it from the main source was a bonus. HIDESIGN is known for its handcrafted products that use leathers from their our own tanneries. The craftsman knot each stitch by hand, and the leather is still cut using fine pointed knives, a skill that takes over two years to master. Hidesign creates fashionable leather that age exceptionally well and are the leaders in the research and use of vegetable tanned leathers across the globe.

Without any further adieu, here is the collection. I got really excited and went a little intense with the shoot. A first for me but non the less I hope you enjoy the looks I put together.


Precious moments disappear rather fast, so jazz it up with this beautifully designed frame bag by Hidesign. The Jazz evening bag from our Roaring 20’s collection is handcrafted in vegetable tanned leather and comes with a metal chain strap.


Do the unexpected and have a roaring good time. This vibrant sling bag from Roaring 20’s collection by Hidesign is handcrafted in vegetable tanned leather with a part leather part chain strap. The diamond quilted surface is sure to make heads turn.


Get your Shimmy on with the Gelda Gold and Tan clutch from Roaring 20’s collection by Hidesign in a cool, vintage design. The mini box sling bag is handcrafted in vegetable tanned leather with a chain strap, perfect for the night out.

To check out the entire collection based on availability – CLICK HERE

A massive shout out the team at HIDESIGN Group, and the entire staff at the two gorgeous properties that pampered and spoilt us over the weekend. I hope you enjoyed the collection and how I styled each handbag. Until next time have a good one x

Hope you liked the blog post? Have you purchased or own a Hidesign bag or accessories ?

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