Perfect Womanhood is Perfect Independence! Puravankara initiates #MYPINKHOMES

The Idea of Perfect Womanhood is Perfect Independence – Swami Vivekananda

Times sure are changing where women are seeking financial independence by going the extra mile and securing their perfect dream homes.

My sister Doreen and I are already home owners and its been the best decision of our lives. I say this with pride and I should be proud of myself. To achieve such an accomplishment on my own merit is just incredible feeling. These days women know that to be financially independent it is key to enhance your portfolio and diversify to not just savings but buying a home. We are equals, as strong and powerful and do not need a Mr Right to come along to save us.

My Pink Homes is an initiative by Puravankara Limited. And it’s about time!!

I do remember my sister and I had a tough time going via the channels usually done by men. Especially in India, to go via certain channels to get the deeds and other documents in order or to monitor how the construction and work in the apartment, is no easy task.


Our country is ushering into a new phase with a New India being born. This dream of building a New India can be achieved by empowering women through ensuring an equal opportunities in society and financial matters. A sense of true independence from the age old stereotype and heralding towards a new dawn.

At Puravankara, we propagate this sense of true independence in all aspect of our work. As we realize the need to neutralize accumulated distortions of the past and develop a well-conceived future endowed with women led development. With an encouraging women employee base of 50% in our organization, we constantly strive towards creating opportunities and platforms where women can act and perform.

This Women’s day we will reinforce our commitment towards women development through our online buying extravaganza wherein we will offer additional benefits for women buyers. Objective is to encourage and support women to take concrete decisions such as ‘home buying’.

Our month long endeavour has now been launched on Women’s Day and will be active every year during this period.

Let’s strive collectively towards that ’True Independence’ – Ashish R. Puravankara, Managing Director, Puravankara Limited


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