Frozen in Time – Raya Trail with Evolve Back Luxury Resorts in Hampi – Part 4

The magnitude of the Vijayanagara Empire is so vast, that I am mesmerized and in awe at the same time. This trail focuses more on the royal side hence rightly named Raya which means Royal or Maharaja.

Hampi is steeped in myth and spirituality. The once magnificent capital ruled by Vijayanagara Empire, was the last Hindu Kingdom. Now this ancient city echos a glorious past of how sophisticated it was. From its memorial structures, temples, pillared halls to the sacred shrines. It is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I have split my 72 hours in Hampi, into a five-part series.  The first part is my review of the Evolve Back Luxury Resorts, Hampi. This one is the Raya Trail and other three important trails in Hampi, you have to visits are  –  Virupaksha Trail; Vitthalapura Walk & Tungabhadra Trek

Lotus Mahal

The Lotus Mahal, is located inside the Zenana (woman’s) quarter, built for the royal Women of the Vijayanara Empire. This undoubtedly has to be the most beautiful structure in Hampi. And to top off more known for the construction and engineering feat and stands a true testament to architectural achievements from that era. The region of Bellary is predominately warm and gets hotter during summers. The towers contained a massive tank and the water passed through the pillars of the colossal building maintaining a cool temprature throughout. During the raid of Hampi, this was destroyed due to curiosity of how the water pipes were laid inside. Nevertheless, this is a picturesque monument that depicts a lotus.

Evolve Back Resorts - Hampi - Skinnygirldiariez - Raya Trail

Queen’s Bath

The name says it all, this indo-islamic styled architectural structure, was constructed by Achyuta Raya for the women of his royal family of the Vijayanagara empire during his reign. This is a rectangular shaped building, with a massive floor bath is in the center and the rest of its designed with elaborate ceilings and arched corridors and balconies and massive bay windows. The pool is open to the lit sky. Again a magnificent work of art. The intricate designs on the ceiling in the form of the lotus is beautiful. No matter which angle the photograph is taken it has  golden hue to it.

Evolve Back Resorts - Hampi - Skinnygirldiariez - Raya Trail



Elephant’s Stable

After the Queen’s Bath, you walk past through the Zenna enclosures and can see the Elephants stable. As the name suggests this stable was built for the royal elephants. This massive structure is a popular tourist attraction. There are about 11 tall chambers, shamed with huge domes on top. The tower in the center was destroyed however, the rest of it is very much in tact. The sprawling green lawn adds to the charm of this place, and one can only wonder how it was back in the day.


Evolve Back Resorts - Hampi - Skinnygirldiariez - Raya Trail

My royal trip comes to a close for the day, it was just a fabulous trip, and I got to soak in some royal history. Just to be there was a treat, to visualize how it must have been back in the time when the royals lived. It was almost sunset and time to head back to the resort. One more trek was pending and I was anticipating the next day already. Read about my next and final leg of the trials via Evolve Back Hampi at the Tungabhadra river.

Note: Click on the links to know more about the other trails offered by Evolve Back Resorts, Hampi – Virupaksha Trail; Vitthalapura Walk & Tungabhadra Trek

– Getting to Hampi –

Drive – The distance between Bangalore and Hampi is about 350 kms.
Plane – Fly to Hubli Airport. Hire a cab to drive to Hampi which is about 143km.
Bus – Overnight bus journey to Hospet via Bangalore. Then hire a taxi to Hampi.
Train – Arrive Hospet railway station, which is about 13 kms from Hampi.

To know more or book your stay at the resort, visit Evolve Back Resorts website – “Click Here” or Call: 080 4191 1122

If you have stayed at this property, or visited Hampi and its surroundings would love to hear  your thoughts, feel free to leave your comments below.

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  • May 27, 2017 at 11:11 PM

    I think my favourite is the Elephant’s Stable.. the architecture is just gorgeous! And your photos are so cute, love all the poses!

  • May 28, 2017 at 4:48 AM

    the Lotus Mahal looks beautiful. I would love to walk around amid all that history. Do they still have Elephants roaming around the Elephant Stables?


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