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Ever since Covid19 struck us last year, all the focus has been on extra hygiene. Making sure our loved ones and our surrounding are clean and safe. There has been a rise in demand for wet wipes, sanitizers, and cleaning agents. Going vocal for local, I found a homemade brand that manufactures baby wipes, that’s mild and great for sensitive skin. Well if it’s best baby wipes for baby skin, then it’s great for mine, right!

Having OCD, I am a bit fan of wet wipes, since pre covid19 era. My main criteria, when buying wet wipes are –

– biodegradable,

– gentle on my sensitive skin,

– contain enough moisture to cleanse with ease

– easy to carry, especially when traveling.

– remove makeup with ease

– Unscented

Introducing, Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes that’s extra gentle and extra thick. The best part about these baby wipes is it’s unscented. Comes in a wrap packaging, with a lid lock to seal in the moisture.

It’s India’s first water-based wipes and made of natural and plant fabric. It’s 99% pure water. The brand promises there is no plastic and petrochemicals. I say this is a big plus point for me.

Mother Sparsh


As a beauty blogger, makeup removal turns into a grueling cleanse ritual post my shoots. I have to ensure my skin is well looked after, yet help me remove makeup with ease, and I use baby wet wipes to help me. Let’s face it. Sleeping with Makeup is a Crime, so it’s best to double cleanse, with wipes followed by your regular face cleanse regime. I prefer using baby wipes to standard makeup removal wipes, as these are not concentrated with harsh chemicals, and safe on the skin. You cant remove all the grit and grime but it helps to remove enough to cleanse with a face cleanser later.

Did you know Mother Sprash 99% Pure Water Wipes, is 100% biodegradable, made of velvet soft and medical-grade cloth?

Mother Sparsh


Yup, for those with sensitive skin, and keen on saving the environment, these are perfect for daily use. It is great to soothe rashes, irritation, and cleanse the body, hands, and face. It is 3X thicker than the rest of the wipes out there and ensures prolonged wetness.

Each of the packs contains about 72 wipes (15cm x 20cm), the baby wipes price in India retails about INR 299


Ingredients for Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes – Purified Water, Citric Acid, Calendula Extract, Aloe Vera extract & Jojoba oil

Mother Sparsh, plant-based baby wipes, are free from


– Alcohol,

– Phthalates,

– Sulfates,

– Fragrances,

– Petrochemicals

– Chlorine

– Dyes

– Triclosan

Mother Sparsh

Its Hypoallergenic, Dermatological Tested, and has the right pH Balance. Which means it’s safe to use on your entire body.

Some great tips for using Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes are –

  • Great makeup remover
  • Summer cooler, keeps you stay refreshed from sweat. (store in the fridge for an added cool effect)
  • Great to stay fresh post-gym or your workout sessions.
  • It’s great to cleanse your surroundings and belongings, especially whilst traveling or at the workstation.
  • Cleanse your makeup brushes,
  • Helps remove stains from clothing quickly
  • Cleanse mobile phones, or your personal belongings
  • Also, can be used to maintain feminine hygiene when you are traveling.
  • Tame flyaways, just pat down your hair, and voila, your hair will look sleek in a jiffy.
  • Easy to remove deodorant stains on your clothes.
  • Helps with sweaty palms
  • Remove nail polish stains once you complete your application.
  • Helps clean the smudged lipstick (long last wear with ease) or correct eyeliner while applying.
  • Clean your Eye Lash extensions with ease
  • dab your eye makeup brush on the wipe before you dip into the eyeshadow palette, for a more pigmented effect.
  • It is also fabulous to de-grease frying pans from those stubborn oily stains.

So here is my Final Verdict on Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes, it’s a great all-rounder, to keep yourself clean, and your belongings. For parents with kids, it’s perfect to help you keep your children clean and safe. And above all, it’s great baby wipes for sensitive skin, which means it’s great for everyone to use.  

P.S – Covid19 protocol, requires the use of over 60% alcohol-based sanitizers or wipes, so do carry one, use side by side for extra care and safety.


I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes, feel free to leave a comment below, if you have used these wipes before?


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