Clear Frame Glasses For the Win – 2019 Trend Alert

A new hairstyle gives you an all new high..well for me it’s always been that and a pair of bold statement glasses. Accessories help to keep your style in check and boost your style quotient. A pair of glasses instantly add an upgrade to your look no matter what time of the day or year it is, provided you compliment it with the shape of your face.

Be it prescription or just plain glasses, wearing spectacles is eye-catching. Gone are the days when one was called a Geek or Nerd for wearing glasses. I remember being called a nerd in school. Growing up I did hate it but it was necessary as my eye-sight was weak.

These days you find models to actors sporting bold, big, cat eye or colourful frames on the runway and red carpet. Instagram has given rise to instant models and its so appealing to see everyone sport a pair of glasses.

This year the most popular trend in 2019 is Clear frame glasses.  Being a fashionista I had to sport this look. Clear glasses definitely capture your imagination and go well with any outfit and has become a major fashion accessory. 

I always sported either a black or dark colour, to colourful one’s over the years, and felt these enhanced my look and face structure. For those of us with tinted skin complexion, these clear frames are a sure win as it compliments any skin tone. Clear frames are chic, modern, light and a great way to make a bold fashion statement.

A point to note, if you are sporting a transparent or clear frame,

  • Bold eye make up is a No-No, even though it enhances the eyes and makes for an interesting look. I would suggest keep it basic with a Kajol or eyeliner just to keep the focus on the frame and over all aesthetics of the facial features.
  • Try to chose a frame that compliments the shape of your face. Bigger the frame the better, but do check before you buy especially for prescription glasses.
  • As it gives you a chic look, try to keep your outfit either semi casual or formal. Neutral coloured clothing will enhance the look all the more.

I got mine from @srgopalrao who have been leading opticians and luxury eyewear retailers since 1936. Stepping into the store I knew my eyes had the expert touch. You can take your pick from standard brands to the most exquisite eyewear pieces. I choose the clear frame after a brief consultation with @meghanamanay who is the third generation owner of S R Gopal Rao.
Each of their 3 stores have trained and expert in-house eye testing and consultation. As its a family owned business you get that personal touch added to your visit. You can get your eyewear case customised via @getspexy for an additional cost off-course. Best way to gift someone special if you are looking at gifting ideas.

You too can go ahead and check their latest collection, don’t forget to quote my name if you do, for a special discount.

About S.R Gopal Rao S.R.Gopal Rao is a cherished name with a legacy of offering services in optometry and opticians since the late 19th century. S.R.Gopal Rao continues to drive excellence in optometry and optical retail, enjoying the same trust it has for more than a century.

Hope you liked the blog post, have you worn clear frames before? Have you visited SR Gopal Rao Opticians earlier? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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  • January 24, 2020 at 12:16 PM

    Love the color of your hair… Unfortunately I am unable to color my hair due to family problems. The frame looks nice on you.


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