House Of Ganjam Launch An Exclusive Jewellery Collection – ‘Sakura’

Indian based luxury jewellery brand, Ganjam launched a stunning collection, ‘Sakura’, inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom. I had the opportunity to visit the store launch and was just as eager to adorn myself with these gorgeous one of a kind pieces.



According to the Japanese mythology, legend has it that every spring, the fairy Konohanasakuya-hime, goddess of Mount Fuji, awakens the sleeping ‘Sakura’ known as cherry trees, to life.. Sakura holds special significance in Japanese Culture. The captivating quality and fragility of cherry blossoms is very exquisite and has inspired many in literature, art and music.


Each piece as you can see is delicate like that cherry blossom. The ‘Sakura’ collection captures the true beauty and journey of transformation from a newborn leaf to a full blossom. A major feature of the Sakura flower is its delicate nature, calmness, innocence and fragility.

The exquisite and contemporary jewelry has been handcrafted using Ganjam ‘F’ coloured diamonds, pastel shades of pink and yellow sapphires, rubellites and diamond briolettes set in 18kt pink, white and yellow gold. The collection showcases depth and ranges from suites of jewellery to individual pieces.


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Design feature of the collection – Every flower has been linked to its branch; to reflect its delicate movement in space, creating volume and organic arrangements that reflect the true essence of the Sakura.



A wide variety of items ranging from statement pieces to lighter and simpler products from Necklaces, earrings, rings and wrist wear all offer a taste of the collections essence in different adornments for the body.

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The collection is crafted with pink sapphire rosecuts, yellow sapphires, cabochone rubelite along with Ganjam diamonds to reflect the timeless beauty of Sakura. Ganjam diamonds, individually handpicked in f color and vvs clarity, have been used to enhance the intricate details. Customized round beads of rubelites and tourmalines have been used in multiple shades from lightest pink to rich pink colors to bring essence of the colors of Sakura, with subtle radiance and brilliance.



Can be worn with a lovely dress, formal occasion like a reception or a gala dinner for the heavier suites. Lighter products move well from day lunches to evening series and cocktail parties. The classic shapes and forms of the pieces make it possible to team up with light chiffons and crapes saris as well as western cocktail dresses or outfits.



Priya Rathee, Senior Designer from the House of Ganjam, is the brain child behind these exquisite creations. Each of these meticulously handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

Priya Rathee, Senior Designer from the House of Ganjam and Director Kumar Ganjam with Moi

To learn more you can visit Ganjam and its latest collection ‘Sakura’  – ‘CLICK HERE’



Currently in the seventh generation, Ganjam has built upon two centuries of trust and commitment to give the customer only the finest. After being jewellers to Indian royalty, for the last 125 years, Ganjam has grown to become a luxury jewellery brand, with an international presence. From the use of only ‘f’ coloured, VVS diamonds, choicest of handpicked precious stones and purest of metals to excellence in craftsmanship, Ganjam has retained exclusivity in every aspect. Over the last few years, Ganjam has done collaborative work with well-known Indian as well as international designers and continues to produce fine jewellery that is born in India and designed for the world. Ganjam has two stores in India, The Flagship Store in Bangalore, and a boutique at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai.


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