“Why I Don’t Use Tinder Anymore”

It’s the weekend, I am at home, bored and decided to blog. After contemplating about actually having to write an entire blog post, on a Friday night, I binged watched a special series on Netflix. Ah! The art of Netflix and Chill…well for me it’s only the first part that was active. If you get the sarcasm and can read between the lines 🙂

The fact that you have to date someone, or rather be with someone is something I would always ask myself.  Parents/ Family and friends all seem to have one key interest to ensure you find a date or be with a partner for life.

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Dating apps and their popularity are on the rise. Since the last couple of years, alone many dating apps have sprung up each promising to be different and help YOU FIND THE ONE! There are a lot of options to choose from, it’s as easy as online shopping. Gone are the days when we stepped out and bumped into someone nice, and started a decent conversation. These days it’s all about outward appearances and swiping Right or Left. A bit shallow, don’t you think? And can be a little overwhelming!

#happn #skinnygirldiariez #happnapp

That’s why I have been super reluctant to go on dating apps in the first place. Until… one of my friends said, “Oh, I know what you need: happn! It’s real-life and technology all-in-one!”. This premise intrigued me right away. Indeed, I did not want to lose touch with reality by going on a dating app; I wanted to meet people that are around me, in real life. The beautiful thing about happn is that you find people you have crossed paths with. It uses geolocation, which allows you to see all eligible bachelors in a 250-meter area. This is much more precise than Tinder, whose minimum radius is 2Km. This can be quite handy if you are going to any music festivals this summer and want to meet someone who is already there, at the same place, at the same time. You can send a LIKE (a ♥️-shaped button), and it’s foolproof, as they will only be able to see that you liked them, if they LIKE back. Only once the interest has been mutually established can you take it forward to a conversation. Similarly, if you don’t like the person, you can just hit the cross-out option.

#happn #skinnygirldiariez #happnapp

If you are like me and tend to freak out about creeps and stalkers, check these key safety points that were designed specifically for you and me to have a piece of mind:

– You can block anyone you wish to or report his or her behavior.
– The exact location is hidden for safety, in case we encounter stalkers or anyone odd.
– Even if you have logged onto it via Facebook, its secretive and not even your friends can see whom you are interacting with. Neither will happn post anything on your behalf on your timeline.
– The “mutual interest” principle ensures that you have a spam-free experience

#happn #skinnygirldiariez #happnapp

Save yourself some time endlessly scrolling through Tinder, and start meeting people that are in the same place, at the same time as you. Personally, it’s going pretty well for me. I wouldn’t say that I have met my prince charming yet, but several great candidates that have the potential to become one. So, download the happn app from the App Store or Google Play store and see for yourself! 😉

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