The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Given, Here Is My Paradigm Shift – A Story of Survival and Happiness

5 years ago this month, I had a massive surgery to remove an ovarian tumor, this right after gaining my eye sight after losing it to a rare eye disease or temporary blindness. The tumor turned out benign. However, the doctors had prepped me up for the worse Circa 2011. It took me 8 months to gain any sensation around my tummy. I gifted myself a belly ring coz I was happy I could feel pain again (sweet pain)?

As I look back I tell myself good job Deena!

Staying positive was my only hope. Nothing comes easy to anyone. Its up to you to change your attitude and live life doing what you love. A happier you equals a healthier you. Eat right, don’t fuss and eat some more. Love yourself no matter what. Haters are gonna hate irrespective.

****P.S – The tipping point for me that changed my life was my mother passing in 2013. 53 days it took. I had to power off the ventilator since day 7 of her surgery. I was uber selfish and didn’t want her to leave. Being mentally strong was a passe! I hit depression. My mind was weaker like my body. She couldn’t fight the battle we wanted her to.

Today I know, nothing not even the universe can harm me. I wont allow it. I’m adding this bit to share. Life will fuck with you at times.Its all up to you to make sure you get up and enjoy the roller coaster ride! I fought really hard to snap out of negativity. I blamed myself till recently for my mothers death. If only I switched off the ventilator and not allowed her to suffer.

Many see me having a gala time. I was without a job for 2 years almost. I saved up for a rainy day luckily.

NOW I chose to live. Yes I am sensitive to comments. Being single, Indian woman in this country is hard as it is. I hear the shittiest things about me, since my blog started its even more now.

But I realized I cant have anyone dictate me life. As long as I harm no one. I know I will be blessed with more. I realized complain less, stop with passing negative comments about yourself when you look in the mirror. We are all beautiful in our own way. ****

Thank you for following me and again reading my story. I am sharing so that you stop criticizing someone else and focus the energy on your self. ?

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One thought on “The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Given, Here Is My Paradigm Shift – A Story of Survival and Happiness

  • February 28, 2017 at 7:05 PM

    Indeed, you have left the tough times behind Deena! we go through rough patch only to survive and become stronger. I’m happy to know that you are a strong girl. Keep going, Deena!


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