Oiling Re-Invented – Parachute Advansed Coconut Crème Oil Review

Hair is our crowning glory! We all know the importance of taking care of our hair. Since we were kids oiling our hair has been an integral part of growing up. My Mom would always apply oil and massage my head. However, a busy schedule makes it hard to take care using traditional methods, and to top off its hard to get the oil off inspite of washing my hair. Having coloured hair I do however, have to maintain a strict regime to keep it hydrated and protect it all the more. 

Parachute Advansed coconut crème oil recently launched by Marico with tagline says it all “Oiling Re-invented.” Marico are the manufactures of coconut based hair oils under the popular brand called Parachute Advansed.
Oiling hair has benefits of stress relief, controlling damaged ends to healthy shiny tresses. The latest coconut crème oil promotes nourishment and care to your dull and lifeless hair, and for the modern woman who is on the go yet believes in traditional methods of care. This product has it all. 

Packaging – 

The packaging is sturdy and comes in white and gold bottle, with its blue embossed design. The sleek pump-out bottle is perfect. No more spillage and greasy mess. Now who doesn’t like good looking packaging to add to their collection?  The fragrance is not overpowering, but quite fruity. The colour is almost opaque white and is thick but has a nice shine to it due to the some micro shimmering particles. A little squeeze and it goes a long way.

About the product – 

This is a pre-wash hair nourisher! No more mess with application and leaving you feeling heavy on the head. This product has the goodness of nourishing coconut oil plus light coconut milk. Best part it has a lovely fragrance to it. That leaves you feeling fresh to continue going about your daily chores with ease and looking great. 

How to Use – 

This a simple to use nourisher. Simply follow the three steps to having luscious and great looking hair. 
Step 1 – Take about 4-5 pumps (I have medium length hair so took out 4). Apply on the scalp and then rest of the lengthy of your hair. Massage gently until all of it is soaked up. You can use more depending on the length of your hair. 
Step 2 – Leave it on for 30 mins, you can continue to go about your daily routine as it its non greasy. 
Step 3 – Wash it off with shampoo. As its non greasy you needn’t use too much shampoo.

Verdict  – The first time I received the package it was a plain bottle, with no branding whatsoever, so I had no clue what it was. There were instructions to try and I did just that. So this is my first impression. I have however, been using this for a couple of washes and absolutely vouch for it.

  1. The formula is lightweight and non greasy.
  2. Soaks in and dries off immediately upon application to scalp and hair.
  3. I loved the fragrance and the feel after application.
  4. Its cream in colour
  5. No need to use a lot of shampoo, just a little goes a long way
  6. Conditioner is not a requirement, however, you may use.
  7. Perfect for my blonde coloured hair. Didn’t feel any colour loss, in-fact left my hair vibrant and glossy.

I would highly recommend this product for those who have coloured hair, and or abused it with colouring and excessive heat. I rate this a 4/5.

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Have you tried Parachute Advansed Coconut Crème Oil yet? Leave your comment below, would love to hear about your experience. 


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