Love is in the (H)air @ Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, Ritz Carlton Bangalore

I love my hair and always have ensured I have a low maintenance no-fuss hairstyle, one that is easy to wake up and rush to work. I have hardly used a comb! My pillow has been my best hairstylist through out my life. I love the fact that my hair is under control most days. Dry shampoo is a recent craze for me. If my bangs misbehave, then I just whip out the flat iron and voila!!

A little birdie told me there is a new hairstylist in town who has been working his wonders and I had to see for myself. I arrived at the Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, after booking an appointment (A must). Located on the 5th Floor, of the swankiest hotel in town, The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore. I was greeted by the man himself, the super stylist Ricky Tam. Who also introduced me to two of other members in his team.

The Kérastaste Hair Ritual

First things first, Ricky insisted we get a hair test done, to check the strength of my hair before we proceed with a regular haircut and blow dry. A palm size device from Kérastaste was used, it was like a diagnostic camera, but also had a new technology to read the strands for any signs of damage.

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For those of you who know me, many find it a bit of a shocker that I had chopped off my fine hair really short into a bob, a couple of months ago. My hair had an overdose of “Trendy Abuse – heat styling (Blow-dry, straightening) excessive colouring, bleaching, you name it) all to keep the short hair do stylish. I was desperate to get my hair to get its glow back. On examination, they noticed my hair was too dry and the strands had lost is vitality as you can see from the images below. Pic 1 shows my scalp – 24 hours since my last wash; it was already beginning to look greasy at the root.  Pic 2, as you can see my hair strands look brittle and had had some breakage.

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Ricky recommended I try out the Kérastaste Fusio-Dose Ritual. The treatment varies depending on the hair type and the test done as above. Mine was dry and brittle, we went for the Green Bottle (Fusio-Dose Booster Reconstruction (Reinforcing Booster) infused in Fusio-Dose Concentré Vita Ciment Ceramide to improve the manageability and get rid of the dryness. As you can see the mixologist at work.

The process is a normal hair wash, followed by applying this concentrate, instead of a conditioner, a gently massage to the scalp, a quick rinse, and it’s done. The difference was noticeable even when my hair was wet; it was softer and didn’t feel detangle and dry. The entire process took less than 5mins.

Haircut and Style

Rossano Ferretti is renowned the world over for its glorious and luxurious hair cuts. There is a certain method to hair cutting. It is true that no two people have the same hair texture or have their hair fall in the same way. The method is a technique used by all the Rossano Ferretti hairstylist. I knew from the start that I was in good hands, and just watched and Ricky meticulously trimmed my hair.

Ricky gave me a layered hair cut to redefine my hair style. He ensure the length remained 🙂

Style & the Sexy Look!

Ricky used a rounded brush to create soft curls, using a blow dryer, these were slowly loosened and as you can see, my hair looks like a million bucks! I felt like Marilyn Monroe. Very vintage, yet chic. It was edgy and modern at the same time. I gave Ricky a big hug for bringing out the youthfulness in me and the bounce in my hair! I had never styled it this way. Keeping in mind the shape of my face and my personality, the transformation as you can see is incredible.

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What I have to say

“Kérastase’s Fusio-Dose is highly recommended, as my hair texture had improved. The look and feel so soft in spite of a lot of hair spray added during the style. I had not washed my hair for the next three days post the styling and it still looked amazing. So whatever your hair type, the stylist is at hand to guide you and recommend the best treatment. I have to say, Kérastase’s Fusio-Dose is the ultimate quick fix for all hair types.”

Before and after - Kérastase’s Fusio-Dose, the strands are more smoother and intact!
Before and after – Kérastase’s Fusio-Dose, the strands are more smoother and show less breakage!

Fashion is constantly evolving, and it is important to adapt with the change. Just like our clothes, we need to ensure we maintain a good hairstyle and maintain it. A new hair style, brings about a more positive outlook, a feel-good factor kicks in, especially if done right by a hair dresser.

All of us love a good hair day and get told how we should pamper our tresses with a hair spa, or an oil massage, but majority of the time it’s too much of a hassle and takes a lot of hours at the salon, sometimes half a day. Fusio Dose is highly recommended, less time, no hassle, just a hair wash and voila!

I am a fan of Ricky Tam, he is a true artist, as you can tell, he took years off me! He is the new Salon Director at Rossano Ferretti Bangalore, India. His past experience, before coming to Bangalore, include working as a Hair Stylist at Rossano Ferretti Shanghai and Rossano Ferretti, Miami. He has a lot of experience under his belt. Having worked with some of the best there is and the best clientele from across the globe. We are lucky he has made his way to Namma Bengaluru.

Go ahead and book your appointments soon and share your pictures of new do’s or treatment you received. Would love to hear about your experience.

Here are a few pics with RF Team and Moi

Ricky and his amazing team @ Rossano Ferreti Hairspa, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Ricky and his amazing team @ Rossano Ferreti Hairspa, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Ricky and his amazing team @ Rossano Ferreti Hairspa, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Ricky and Shub @ Rossano Ferreti Hairspa, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
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Ricky and yours truely @ Rossano Ferreti Hairspa, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Ricky and his amazing team @ Rossano Ferreti Hairspa, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Ricky and his amazing team @ Rossano Ferreti Hairspa, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Pablo Picasso and I @ Ritz Carlton,Bangalore #rcmemories
Pablo Picasso and I @ Ritz Carlton,Bangalore #rcmemories

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About Rossano Ferretti

This luxury salon has over 20 salons around the globe, that has been sharing the Method and Vision of Rossano Ferreti for beauty with the world. Rossano Ferretti salon is a wonderful sensory experience, where every moment centers around well-being and utter luxury. The salons are located in historical spaces that have been refurbished and include artifacts and detailing unique to that proportions culture.

Spa Reception @ Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Spa Reception @ Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Entry to Rossano Ferretti @ Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
Entry to Rossano Ferretti @ Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
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Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa @ Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

Mr Rossano Ferretti - Image at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

Mrs Ferretti - Image at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore




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