Future Looks Bright! Electric Ways To Glam Up With Colored Heels

My gorgeous readers, welcome back! Life is what you make of it! It can be as colourful if you let it be. To be honest, you can always go all out with your footwear. Owning bright statement heels is a must for every woman. A word of caution, to pair coloured heels with the right outfit is the key to look classy and elegant. It is not as easy as slipping on a black pair of heels to finish off the look.
I have been a little apprehensive to own bright colours. Now I have about 3 pairs bright pink, yellow and light blue and a combination of some block prints. Rules to obey with Coloured Heels:
1. If you own coloured heels you can pair them with similar colour outfit.
2. Black, grey, beige, white coloured clothing can go with any colour.
3. Going Monochrome can never fail!

What to wear with Yellow Heels?

I have been eyeing light pair of yellow heels for years now. As I am tanned, I was hesitant how my feet would look! Once I got them, all my apprehensions went away.
Yellow is an exquisite colour on its own. Compliment with a white T-shirt or any neutral Ts and a pair it with Denim. You can never go wrong in these department! I swear it will ensure you look like a million bucks even thou its casual.
To glam the look, sheer tops are perfect, or lace or print dresses in neutral or black colour. Minimal jewellery! I am dead against wearing too much jewellery as it outshines certain clothing items. Let the shoes do the talking as well 🙂
Check Mate!
Slaying it in Forever New top, Eristonia Waisted Belt and Forever 21 Denim Skirt
Forever 21 – Lace up!

What to wear with Blue Heels?

Sweet baby blue heels! My footwear collections reminds me of a candy store. Soft colours are so in these season and you can see the obsession around.
Baby blue pumps are easy to mix and match with any clothing unlike yellow, as its more subtle. Again, classic boyfriend jeans, denim hot pants or formal trousers are perfect. Keep the clothing down to pastels or nudes. You can’t ever go wrong with and LBD.
Tally Weijl frill top keeps me afloat 🙂
Attitude is must!
Unique hues are in right now. Give your wardrobe that extra milage, with a fresh perspective and a style envied by others!
Would love to hear how you took your first step in conquering coloured heels. And how would you pair them. I know my future definitely looks brighter in the footwear department to say the least!

Belt – @koovs online (Eristonia Brand)
Green Top – Tally Weijl
Dress – @Forever21
Black Top – @ForeverNew
Hot Shots – Romp
Both Shoes from – @Aliexpress Online
Shades – @Promod

Hope you like my style, let me know how you would theme these gorgeous coloured heels!

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5 thoughts on “Future Looks Bright! Electric Ways To Glam Up With Colored Heels

  • July 9, 2017 at 1:34 AM

    I love your idea for the post! You should post more colours of high heels. My favourite so far is yellow but I would like to see some interesting outfits with red high heels as I have one pair and no idea what else I can wear with them, than just a black and boring clothes. I like fashion as well but I like to check others outfits to have an inspiration 🙂


    • July 11, 2017 at 11:34 AM

      Hi Kasia, for sure I have a couple more lined up to post, have a new found craze of paring coloured heels with simple jeans and a T. It just screams sophistication out of no where hahha..

  • December 6, 2017 at 9:08 PM

    Wow these look cool but I’m not sure I could ever pull it off x) it looks great on you thought!


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