Delicacies Galore, The Traditional Way @ Madhuvan’s Village Restaurant, Mangalore

Being a Mangalorean, growing up in Dubai, I lucked out on gorging on delicious seafood. Coastal cuisine is my all-time favorite, I am always on the lookout for good prawn curry and rice and can never get bored of it! Even thou, I can cook most of the dishes, it’s still not the same having someone prepare it for you.
Whenever I visit home, dad is sure to cook up some of the lip-smacking traditional seafood dishes. But now and again, dining out seems a fair option. A trip to Mangalore is never complete without a visit to Madhuvan’s The Village Family Restaurant.
Rated as one of the famous seafood restaurants, I have to agree! The restaurant started in 2002 and has been always innovative and upbeat. The most talked-about is its ambiance and setting. There are 5 different sections to choose from. Each one distinct from the other. Village Retreat, Village Cascade, Village Courtyard, and the Village Greens are all semi-open dining spaces. The décor is more rural and unique with its thatched roof, mud pots, and wooden furniture and the added waterfall adds to the charm and gives it a more rustic feel, making it a memorable dining experience. The Village Air-conditioned Family Room is a closed space with a lot more privacy.  

What’s in My Glass?

To start with, I got served Mocktail with a twist – This was a refreshing take of your fresh lime soda and blue Curacao added in the extra dash of color. Caipiroska, followed by litchi crush and Black current whisky concoction. The bartender is ready to whisk up some wonderful cocktails. Ask for their specials.

What’s on My Plate?

Now if the drinks were anything to go by, I was all famished and eagerly waited to taste the food! They serve Chinese, Continental, North-Indian, Mughlai, and Traditional Mangalorean cuisine.

  • Meen Pulli Munchi – Authentic and spicy Mangalorean marination of onion, red chili, tamarind, and tomato. This is a must-have if you ever in town. I got served fresh pomfret. Absolutely mouthwatering and divine!

  • Onion Fried Jumbo Prawns – This one I just adore, perfectly spiced and marinated jumbo prawns sautéed using ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, and onions.  Succulent to the last bite. highly recommend this one.

  • Baked Fish – Yes you read that right, for the health-conscious you cannot ask for anything better! Here served is a black pomfret baked and marinated in a perfect blend of light herbs, served with baked mashed potatoes. You can go for any fish of choice here, ask the Chef for the catch of the day.

  • Chef’s Special North Indian Styled  Fish Biriyani – For the love of biryani, this one was off the hook. They also prepare it in South Indian style. I have to warn you thou, as tasty as it was, it was a bit spicy for me.

  • Neer dosa and Sanna’s – You just cannot go to a Mangalorean restaurant and not order Neer Dosa and Sanna’s. Neer dosa was just perfect and so were the super soft sannas.
  • Mangalorean Style Fish Green Masala – Fish curry lovers, you will love this one. This is a thick gravy made of Spinach, mint, green chili paste and coconut milk Have to warn you thou, this is very spicy. Best eaten with Rice or Neer dosa and Sanna’s

Dessert Section – 

  • Caramel Custard – After a fiery onslaught, I had to cool off my taste buds with an all-time simple dessert. Pure joy with the cherry on top.

 The Menu has been carefully curated, with a lot of choices to order from. All the dishes I had so far at this place are excellent and I have yet to find a dish that I do not like. The portion serves two easily. And is available for both lunch and dinner, for reservation or more details refer website —“Click Here”

Located on Airport Road Yeyyadi, Mangalore, 575 008. India
Telephone: +91 0824 2214158/2224917 or E-mail:

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