Kérastase Specifique Range – Anti-Pollution Hair Care Ritual

Hello lovelies! Got another hair care blog out this time around. Been nursing self back to health from a pinched nerve, it has been quiet the daunting task! My crowing glory – my tresses looked stressed out as I ignored them completely.
I have tried my fair share of products over the years. I am a hair care junkie, and a massive fan of Kerastase hair care range. My hair comes alive like magic. I am not saying this, but its a fact. My hair feels fresh, silky and bouncy with Kerastase Hair Rituals.
One of the major factors for bad hair days is due to pollution. Kerastase are pioneers when it comes to break-through technology with their hair care rangeThe Kérastase Specifique Range – Anti-pollution Hair Care Ritual is a must try. It is the new scalp science. If you have dandruff, hair loss or sensitive scalp then this range is for you. They have come out with tools and the top of the line hair care regime to give live back to your dull tresses.
Range of Shampoos to suit any hair


The K-camera is an ingenious way to test the texture and sensitivity of the scalp. It is a three step process to Cleanse, Clean and Cure. First off is test the hair strength, scalp and density of my hair.


– Treatment – 

 As you can see, I have …really dull hair and have lost its structure. This shampoo cleanses, soothes and moisturises. At the same time it purifies the scalp. I felt the cooling effect immediately. The scent is mild. I love the colour thou! Specifique Dermo Calm range is the perfect antidote for a sensitive scalp.
This mask hydrates and soothes the scalp. It is ideal to leave this mask on for about 15mins. Gently massage the mask onto the scalp and hair for that extra nourishment it needs. Here the hair expert used a one of a kind hair massager, it was absolute bliss. The mild vibrations just relaxed my senses. I need to get a hold of it! 
This intensive concoction, sprayed onto the hair and allowed to sit for a while. This soothes the scalp and gets rid of any discomfort and provides instant results. 
Post wash and quick blow dry. As you can see, not styled yet. I felt my hair come alive. It was light, soft and silky. Here is the full video and testimonial, Felt like I was shooting a commercial.

– Verdict –

After shampoo and conditioning my hair feels a bit oily and flat the next day. With this Kerastase Specifique Range hair ritual. I felt the difference. It lasted me about 4 days. Looked fresh as day 1.
Before and After pics of my hair
Before and After use of Kerastase #scalpscience
I have since been using this for about 3 weeks now and can say this has worked wonders. Kerastase products are expensive, and set a high expectation, yet they never disappoint. Baby soft hair and bounce…I love it.

Have you had an experience with Kerastase services, do let me know via your comments below. Would love to hear from you.

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