Getting Rid Of Stubborn Fat Was Never This Cool – My Cool Journey!

I have been a full-time blogger for the past two years, and my lifestyle has been quite dynamic. From binge eating at brunches to sipping cocktails at night outs, I indulge in a variety of activities, promotions, shoots, etc. My schedule leaves me with limited time to follow up with exercise or eating right, even though I try hard to navigate my time to work out or eat healthy food.

There are so many options out there to lose, reduce and manage fat, from slimming teas/coffees to weight loss programs that suggest a swift fat loss. But it is very important to understand if you want to lose weight, fat or freeze fat cells. As you all have seen me, I maintain myself well, but I was always concerned about the stubborn fat on my abdomen. With due credit to my profile and personal interest, I read a lot and I came across something that was backed by science – CoolSculpting.

I had also heard about CoolSculpting through social media adverts, the latest trend which was garnering mega attention from the time Sushmita Sen launched it. I was very intrigued by the fact that with no downtime, you can now freeze your stubborn fat in 35 minutes and target certain areas of the body that is hard to get rid of even with exercise.

I was approached by Allergan in December 2018 and while I was interested in it, I wanted to understand if it works for my lifestyle, body type, and after a series of meetings, sessions, and follow-ups about the procedure, do’s and don’ts and safety, I made up my mind as it was a right fit for my stubborn fat!

This has been an exhilarating experience and that’s the reason I decided to pen down my experience for all my readers who might be looking for such options.

What is CoolSculpting?

The best part is, it is a NON-SURGICAL, NON-INVASIVE US-FDA approved procedure to contour your body & get rid of unwanted stubborn fat with very few sessions & minimum downtime!! Each cycle lasts approximately 35 minutes and the specialists assess the cycles beforehand. The results are visible in just two months. You can opt for more sessions based on the assessment. You can go back to work or even hit the gym right after the procedure!

Why CoolSculpting? 

Let’s face it, we all want to look good and fit into our old clothes, feel confident of who we are and less conscious about bulges or love handles. I had a surgery about 7 years ago and developed some stubborn fat on my lower abdomen. No matter what exercise or diet I followed it just was too stubborn to go! I hated it sticking out like a mini bulge and wanted to do something about it. I have been confident yet felt a bit insecure each time I wore a body-hugging outfit.

Why SkinLab?

We all have heard about Jamuna Pai’s Skin Lab and after my first consultation, I found a place of comfort, professionalism, and experts that understand the subject.

Of course, I was nervous and had a lot of questions like :

  • Will, it hurt, and will I get frostbites?
  • What is the transition time to notice the sculpted look?
  • How many cycles do I need?
  • What areas will be targeted?
  • But most importantly, will it cause scarring or downtime as I am always on the go and attend events
  • Type of clothing to wear?

I was extremely satisfied after getting all my doubts cleared. You can watch some of the basic Q&A answered by Skinlab Director and certified Cool Sculpting expert Rajathi

Pros and Cons of CoolSculpting


  • CoolSculpting is Non-invasive
  • There is no downtime
  • FDA approved – safe to use
  • No preparatory measurements required
  • Excellently fixes otherwise stubborn fatty areas like under the arms and chin
  • Smooth appearance of cellulite


  • Numbness in the area for a few hours
  • Slight discomfort – over the counter painkiller can help ease pain
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Results vary person to person and on the number of cycles you need

Mission Lose Belly fat?

After booking my consultation and sessions, in December 2018, I was both excited and very anxious to get my self-confidence back. After a series of filling up consent forms, I was all prepped up for the session. First up, they took a series of photographs to document my journey with BEFORE pictures.

CoolSculpting Procedure 

Post this my lower abdomen was assessed and a gel base pad is placed on the area to be treated. The applicator is carefully placed and secured, and the timer is set to 35minutes. Once switched on, it activates, and the area gets sucked into the applicator. You have to stay still and avoid any movement for the procedure to take full effect.

It is cold, and at first, you don’t feel the pain, but the room too is freezing to ensure the machine does not get overheated. They offer you a blanket, you can ask for more in case you feel really cold. You can opt to watch a movie or read a book to while away time. 20 minutes or so and you feel the area, go numb and slight pain shooting through. But stay calm, as you are doing this to look your best.

Once the applicator is removed, the area looks purplish and is frozen and sticks out like a soar thumb. The area is massaged. Now comes the fun part, this is the most difficult part of the entire process, but it is a necessity. It’s like someone poking your wound. I would say brace yourself for this one, as it’s painfully numbing yet you have discomfort and pain shoots through you. Remember that the massage is a must to allow the fat to break down sooner. So focus on thinking of the good part. This too shall pass!!

The area stays slightly sour for about 2 weeks or more depending on each person and is numb. For me, I had the numbness for about 3 weeks overall, I did have mild discomfort for about 3 to 4 days, but an OTC painkiller helped me get some relief. It felt like mini needles pricking you and you can’t itch, as the area is numb at the same time. I would suggest wearing loose clothing as the area swells up twice what it is. And makes you look extremely bloated. Anything for vanity, eh!!

My Take away from CoolSculpting!

CoolSculpting, results vary from person and depend on the body type, lifestyle, and diet. For me, it took over 3 months for the results to show. I underwent treatment on my lower abdomen, and flanks aka hips.

And the biggest question… Does CoolSculpting really work? I would say YES!!!

I feel confident and thrilled that I can wear any clothing with ease. I am elated to have gone ahead with this procedure. It’s been a long journey, but a fruitful one.

Please note, the results vary, I follow discipline around my diet and lifestyle. If you are a gym-goer, you will probably see results sooner, if you avoid eating junk food and the likes. I underwent Cool Sculpting on my lower abdomen and my flanks. And as you can see the results from above images, it really has made a difference.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Cool Sculpting Journey? 


‘Drink Responsibly’

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