Who Is SkinnyGirlDiariez?

Me Describing Myself – An Attempt!

If you had asked me to describe who I am or what I wanted to be when I grew up, I probably would have said an Air Hostess. For the longest time that I can ever remember, I just wanted to be one, but due to poor eyesight I failed to make the cut. Fast forward to after college, and spending the other half of my career as an Investment Banker. I would have never thought I would still say I would be a Lifestyle Blogger. But here I am!


Born and raised in Dubai, I now live in Bangalore. Leaving behind a fancy job that offered me insane budget to travel, a crazy lifestyle, I was still left with a void, where I just wanted to do more. After going through some personal setbacks with my health, I forced myself to be positive. I pushed myself to focus on the good things that life has handed me with and never ever take them for granted!

What’s in the name? Again, to reiterate, and in no way disrespect anyone – Skinny Girl is what I was called since I was a child, my parents (you will get this if you are Indian) tried really hard for me to gain some weight. I was taken to every doctor there is, to help me gain weight. Alas, the universe had its own plans, I developed love for food, I ate and gave guys a run for their money. Thou, I love to eat, I never really gained weight. To be honest, being called Skinny just stuck, and I figured use this negative term to my advantage. For those who know me – Yes I do eat, and a lot!

I took the attitude of gratitude approach to life. Trust me to keep focusing on the negative things can be very taxing. But with time, I learn to let go of negativity. I began to focus on one good thing, a day in my life. This has now become a habit and it’s just a free flow daily process.

With my personal style and strong eye for trends, technology and an imagination that pushes boundaries and follows no rules, with my stylish obsessions, and an overall entertaining lifestyle. Enter my blogging realm, as I bring to you original and inspiring content.

“This blog is a reflection of who I am and my lifestyle and everything in between. All opinions expressed are mine and in no way represent the places or people I review.”

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‘Drink Responsibly’

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