Walking on Sunshine with Chef Greco Vittorio @ Ottimo, ITC Gardenia

Chef Greco never seizes to amaze! If you have dined at Ottimo you know what I am talking about. Repeat customers will vouch for mouth watering dishes he prepares. All the senses take part when you dine at Ottimo.

Walkin on Sunshine is an extensive menu, that is sure to wow your tastebuds. Italian favorites from the South of Italy called Puglia! Apulia (or Puglia) known as ‘head to heel of Italy’s boot’. Has a quaint charm – white washed hill towns, centuries old farm land- and is thus a gourmet heaven. Ottimo at ITC Gardenia presents a culinary pilgrimage to the land blessed by the Sun, Apulia.
Chef Greco has prepared some of the signature dishes from Apulia. Giving it his own twist using the local produce such as Fresh Burrata, Broccolini, handmade Orrecchiette, Capunti pasta and fresh sea food. As the chef walked me through the heritage of Pulia, I sipped on some lovely red wine that complimented each of the dishes to follow.
Santa Cristina – Red wine

The menu promises to offer delicacies, you get served some bread before the main dishes arrive. 
To start off Chef started off the first course, with a local dish that had its own flare. Friselle bread with cherry tomato, cucumber with onion topped with Burrata and Salami Piccante. Drizzled with Puglian extra virgin olive oil. The ingredients used were so fresh. It is hard to bite into, but the taste of the dressing and the fresh Burrata was exquisite. 
(Friselle is a bread that is twice-baked, in a ring shape. It baked, taken out and split into half and baked again. This is and still is a delicacy by the workers from Puglia, South of Italy. It is hard as rock. Yoou need to eat this the old fashion way “with your hands.” The bread lasts for months and is a good resistant meal.)
Friselle bread with cherry tomato, cucumber with onion topped with Burrata and Salami Piccante
Deep fried Zucchini Flowers stuffed with Sea Bass – Again, this one I highly recommend. It is light, fresh, and melt in your mouth dish. I cleared the entire serving. The tomato puree was perfect to go with the Zuccchini flowers, that were cooked to perfection. The sea bass added its own flavours and my palate played along with the taste from puree.
Deep fried Zucchini Flowers stuffed with Sea Bass
Capunti Pasta with Lamb Ragout – This is not your average pasta, it is an interesting one. Shorter pasta and more dense than the usual, resembles an open pea pod. It is thick and bit chewing but goes well with the sauce. I cleaned the entire bowl. So tasty this one!
Capunti Pasta with Lamb Ragout
Braid pasta with zucchini flowers and prawns. – The pastas was al dente, and it gets its name as the pasta is braided! The sauce was seasoned and executed to perfection. The prawns…I am a fan of sea food any day. Each bite was a delight and the zucchini flowers complimented the dish well.
Braid pasta with zucchini flowers and prawns
Pizza Fruitti Di Mare (Mix Sea Food Pizza) -The base was equal to a classic crust and had a consistent thickness throughout. The seafood toppings were generous and well distributed over the pizza. It was a premium quality as the cheese was stringy and sea food fresh, could tell with every bite.
Pizza Fruitti Di Mare (Mix Sea Food Pizza)

The menu is a fresh taken on Italian cuisine served in India. The local ingredients incorporated with imported produce was perfect combination. There was no fault in all the dishes. The service was good and the ambience was very laid back, perfect way to close the evening.
Here is the my final Vlog, and what Chef Greco has to say about the food festival!

This menu promotion runs from 09th until 18th June 2017. And is available for dinner. For more information, please call +91 80 4345 5000

Timing:  7:30 PM – 11:30 PM | Pricing: A-la-Carte

About Ottimo Cucina Italiana – Ottimo, which translates to ‘excellent’, is the signature Pan-Italian dining experience that celebrates quintessential Italian dishes prepared from the finest local and imported ingredients.  It is a unique offering of modern and contemporary cuisine while ensuring the traditional elements of Italian cuisine are not compromised. To read more “Click Here”

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