The Chronicles of My Nail Extensions @ Show Blow Out Bar and Salon, Bangalore

Ah! You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Or so the saying goes. And holds true. How you present yourself is key to drawing those extra points towards the likeness factor. A smile is important, but hands convey a lot more, of your health, lifestyle and how you take care of yourself.
Having  well manicured hands proves you have your life together!! Growing up I hated long nails and would keep cutting it short. As I grew up, I admired the women who maintained their hands and nails. Now I am obsessed and have an OCD to keep them well polished and never chip. Since I started blogging, I realised more focus is on my hands, for my stories or images on Instagram. I tried nail extensions once but they didn’t last long and I sort of gave up after having a bad experience.
Show Blow out bar had launched, and I was there to get a normal hair wash and blow dry. I got enticed to try nail extensions again. The manicurist was a star. She did a fantastic job, and kept the size and shape as I wanted. Not too long so I can type easy  and get my chores done at home.
I opted for gel nail enamel with a chrome finish, as I heard they do last longer than your regular nail enamel. I also have a habit of changing my nail polish every week. So this was perfect. If bored I could paint over them. So the first time I got my extensions, at Show Blow out, it lasted me about 3 months or more and two backfills. Seems my nails grow really slow! What a blessing indeed. Not bad eh! (saves me the trouble to do extra refills). I chose an ultraviolet chrome finish (pantone colour of the year) this time.

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You looking to get Nail Extentions? Here is what you should know! 

It’s an Art Putting them on! 

The nails and prepped and cut short, buffed and ready. The nail extension is then stuck with glue. Then the extension is filed down to the size or shape you like. Acrylic mixture gets applied to add shape and strengthen the bond. This is then dried under the UV light box which tends to get a bit painful as heat transfers quick underneath your nails. (No pain No Gain they say). 

Are Nail Extensions harmful?

Acrylic nails do not allow your natural nails to breathe. Causing the nails to go brittle and look damaged once removed. It takes a couple of months to get back to normal. For this ultimate care is important. You must use cuticle oil or nail creams to keep them moist once removed!
Wear gloves or ensure your keep your extensions  away from heat. You can cook, which I do, but try not to over do it around heat.  Gel nail polish is your best bet if you have great nails. The polish protects your nails and strengthens them. So if you are not ready to put on extensions then opt for Gel nail enamel. This doesn’t come cheap either. So you be the best judge.

Fancy or Not!

To each their own, and depends on your lifestyle. Having nail extensions is high maintenance and includes regular visits to the nail bar for backfills and fresh paint. Looks do kill the wallet in this instance, but am addicted and gotten used to these. My third time getting these and I have deciphered how to work around them like they are my natural nails. Yes the downside…when the urge to itch your back comes along, these babies don’t give the real feel like your real nails do. But none the less vanity does rule like I said. 

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At times I do feel constraint to do certain tasks as I am afraid they will come off. At times by chance or mistake I bang my nails onto something the pain is excruciating. But vanity rules. I adore my talons. The ultraviolet chrome is so chic, yet subtle and goes well with every outfit. My hands look gorgeous and I can’t stop staring at them.
I love getting my nails pampered and looking lovely, and Show Blowout Bar is an absolute delight. It’s easier to get the nail extensions from the same person as they know what and how you like them. Cooking, eating with my hands and performing household chores (I do not have a maid)….they look just as fabulous. I personally feel a connect at this salon and had my hair coloured platinum blonde here as well. Time to book my next appointment as I type this. Do look them up and let me know how your experience was.

Show Blowout Bar and Salon 

Run by this lovely brother and sister duo, this is a gorgeous place to unwind and get pampered. Sip lovely wine while you get your manicure or pedicure. You can opt for getting your hair looking awesome via their salon. Step out looking like a million bucks. The interiors are so refreshing and little water fall decor at the entrance adds a welcoming charm to it. 
Have you been to Show Blow Out Bar? Would also love to hear your experience about your nail extensions if you have tried them. 

‘Drink Responsibly’

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