Small Things a Happy Hippie Wants

Life is a journey. It’s surely full of ups and downs, smooth rides and bumpy roads, sometimes way too many bumpy roads than there should be, but hey, isn’t that where all the challenge is. I am a happy hippie. I love to be, well, happy. I love to be in love with myself, with my life, and all the small li’l things that cross my path at every corner of this grand travel.

It’s the little things that matter the most. I think that something the world is collectively doing wrong is trying to find happiness and satisfaction in chasing all the big stuff, you know, landing the big shot job, living in a freakishly unaffordable house, wearing all them jazzy clothes, and hopping in and out of ritzy pubs, just to tell the world how wonderful your life is!

Damn, that’s silly! Come on guys, is that what being happy is all about? What about the little things? I love myself a little dose of materialism once in a while as well, but letting such tangible objects dictate your life, now that’s where all the trouble starts. Let me give you an example, I was back from one of my many treks in Himachal Pradesh, and my friend in Delhi just landed himself this major promotion he was dying for. We get together for a grand celebration of our success. We meet in an amazing terrace-top risto and decide to go for this new whisky in town, Golfer’s Shot, yes, that’s what it was.

My friend was way too excited and kept blabbering about his new plans to become more influential. So, we take our first sip, and damn, I was surprised. That thing was really good, I mean, like good. It was something unlike any other I had tasted before, and trust me, being a happy hippie I do have my own kinda romance with alcohol, if you know what it means!

So, my friend is so lost in his materialistic ambitions and about who all he is going to hang out with in his office, he totally fails to enjoy the things that really matter, say, not his ambitions but the real happiness and satisfaction his new role will bring to his heart, the very amazing liquid he is holding in his hands, or the freaking awesome weather we had up there! No nothing, just the new pay cheque and position.

Anyway, one good thing that happened was discovering Golfer’s Shot. I got myself a bottle on my way back home, went up to the rooftop and sipped that wonderful golden goodness like there was no tomorrow. The best part- it is more than affordable, exactly what someone like me is always on the lookout for. Travel can be expensive, and this small whisky guarantees class brew, great taste, good price and above all, heartfelt content! Small things guys, just like I had said before, it’s the small things in life that bring true happiness!



‘Drink Responsibly’

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Deena Pinto
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    • April 25, 2017 at 12:12 PM

      Hahaha…I hear you, Beer is the best especially during summers, I like to keep my options open and savour everything 🙂


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