Savour The Flavours Of Heaven and Health! The Mediterranean Food Festival @ Howard Johnson, Bangalore

Bangalore is at the height of its dining scene, and for food lover’s there is no dearth of places to visit and enjoy a lovely meal, at any time of the day. The restaurants are always on their toes to put forth their creative side and ensure they create palate pleasing menu’s. Food festivals galore in this vibrant city, and I have one that I would like to share this week.

I was invited to a Mediterranean Food Festival, menu tasting at Cafe Verve, Howard Johnson, Bangalore. This was my very first visit to the Venue, and I was delighted to see what is in store. Mediterranean Cuisine consists of  fresh and brightly colored vegetables like tomatoes, aubergines, spinach and figs, the main ingredients being olive oil, wheat and wine.

The Mediterranean Food Festival commences 19th until 28th August 2016. And Executive Chef Dev Bose has created an ideal menu which is definitely worth a try. Having the expertise in Mediterranean cuisine he was thrilled to take us on a gastronomic journey.

What’s in my Glass?

We were welcomed with a shot of Apple Sangria – Refreshing and perfect for the afternoon. This was just the ice breaker.

Apple Sangria
Apple Sangria

Fratelli Chenin Blanc 2013 was the Wine for the day, which easily complimented all the dishes in the menu.

©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (21)©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (22)

What’s on my Plate?

Mediterranean Fig and Mozzarella Salad – The Fig created its own fruity and sweet flavour and when combined with the freshness of the Mozzarella and balsamic vinegar it was really tasty.

©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (10)

Dehydrated Tomato Salad with Crispy Black Forest Ham – This one I highly recommend, as the smoky Black Forest Ham was just perfect. The artichokes were an added bonus to this salad. It was zingy and just perfect combination.

©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (12)

Tomato and Red Pepper Soup – A meal is never complete, until you relish a hot bowl of soup. Tomato soup infused with basil and roasted ball peppers was just as simple to look at yet soulful. This was accompanied with a basket of assorted bread and bread sticks.
©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (13)
©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (15)

Next up it was time for the Mains, but before we could dive into the dishes, it was time to just unwind and sip on some lovely wine.

Roasted Aubergine with Tzatziki  Sauce – This was an eye pleasing dish , roasted Aubergines, topped with yogurt, blended in with Tzatziki Sauce. The finely chopped onions gave an added crunch and flavour.
©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (6)

Stuffed Chicken Roulade in Tomato Sauce –  The Chicken Roulade was stuffed with spinach and feta, it was just delicious and wholesome. The sautéed Vegetables and tomato sauce on the side accompanied the tender chicken well.
©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (16)
©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (17)

Seafood Cous Cous Paella  –  This I had to give the chef top marks, a healthy take on the regular Paella, and had the toppings of my favourite seafood, prawns and squid. This is perfect for those busy week nights after work.

©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (18)
©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (19)

Dessert – We had to make space for the lovely desserts to follow, but again some light banter over the chilled wine, was just perfect way to unwind on the weekend. You can take your pick from the three desserts a Guava Sorbet, a Greek Yogurt Cheese Cake with Ouzo Poached Figs or pomegranate poached pears.

Guava Sorbet – I am a complete sucker for Sorbets, as I do not like sweet desserts, so I stuck to this one. Guava is a tropical fruit and the rich texture and its own distant flavour was just divine.

©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (20)
©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (5)

Greek Yogurt Cheese Cake – This was a bit too sweet for my liking, yet the creamy texture from the yogurt and the fresh fig made for a delightful cake.

©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (4)
©SkinnyGirlDiariez 2016 (3)

Overall, a very healthy menu, especially for those looking to eat right and the portion is just enough.

Venue: Cafe Verve & MAREA Bar Lounge
Time: 7PM to 11:30 PM

To reserve your table call +91 80 4646 7000

About Howard Johnson, Bangalore aka HoJo – is located near Manyata Embassy Business Park, about mid way from the city center. This is a Business Hotel, which was the Recipient of the 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. The Best part about this hotel is it comes with its own Outdoor Pool and On-Site Spa. To know more “Click Here”

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