PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer To The Rescue – Be Safe with Pee Safe!

I am a avid traveller, guess we all are if you count the city and the number of malls and dining places we visit. The thought of using public restrooms is a task on its own. 
I always dread using them, and ensure I have very little liquid intake to avoid public restrooms. But then, there are desperate times that call for desperate measures. 
Squatting is one such way, and so far its tough, ladies you know it and the drill…we get our leg day workout cut out for us! The public toilets are damp and it’s annoying to clean it before any business. Tissues are rare in majority of the Indian restrooms. If you do happen to find any, it’s still a daunting task to place a ton of paper around the toilet seat to pee. I for one carry tissue paper or wet wipes and it’s way too many things to carry in a tiny purse.

Pee Safe™ to the Rescue 

Finally, here is an answer to our prayers. Like where have you been all my life?
Pee Safe™ Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a spray developed by This unique product disinfects, cleanses and deodorizes any toilet seat surface. The bonus is the fresh mint fragrance.
I have used this, and am a fan. Using the toilet seat sanitizer ensures complete personal hygiene and care. This pint size can makes it easier to carry even in the tiniest of clutches or handbags. It is now an essential I never fail to carry with me.

4 Step process with Pee Safe™

SHAKE – Shake the can of Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray.
SPRAY – Spray on the toilet seat and any other area that you want to sanitize with PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer.
WAIT – Wait for 5 seconds. The anti-bacterial disinfectant spray evaporates and sanitizes the area.
USE – The toilet seat is now 99.9% germ free and safe for use.
To know more about Pee Safe™  (Log onto their website)
 You can buy the product from the following sites, click link – SafeKartAmazon , Nykaa
Have you used Peesafe? Would love to hear your thoughts about the use of PeeSafe, leave your comments below 🙂

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