Montegrappa Unveils “The Beauty Book Collection” A Limited Edition

Majority of us look at a pen and find it a bit obsolete. With new age technology taking over, our writing gets transformed onto the digital world. Each time I pick up a pen, I am surprised with my wrist having a mind of its own. I cannot seem to get the rhythm of writing like I used to as a kid. Yet, the memories of owning a fountain pen in high school is as vivid as it can be. Having to change the cartridges midst the exams and having ink stains on your hands. I think many of us can relate. The most precious moment, receiving a designer pen as a gift!

It’s not a surprise that fountain pens are a collectable. Pens vary with vintage designs and are more high-tech writing instruments. A designer pen is sheer extravagance spinning a bit of regal charm that makes it a timeless asset to own.

Montegrappa, founded in 1912 is one of the oldest fountain pen makers in Italy. And renowned for creating stunning pens each filled with its own personality and panache.

Montegrappa unveiled the The Beauty Book Collection in support of a noble cause. The line of sublime writing instruments are notable for the sheer beauty of their sinuous forms and the precious materials such as pearlised Grey celluloid and Sterling Silver trim.


The Beauty Book For Brain Cancer Second Edition is a 312-pages, hard cover coffee table book featuring photographs of top celebrities, musicians and top models, shot by famed photographer Darren Tieste. The proceeds from the collection will go to supporting two charities.  “SNOG” (Sydney Neurology Oncology Group) and “HEADRUSH” Wisconsin for Brain Cancer. These charitable organizations are non-profit and both rely on donations for research.

The limited edition designs are for both men and women. Made of  celluloid and new striking colours. Both series will be available as fountain pens and roller-balls pens. Each of these exquisite pens feature solid sterling silver trims. The fountain pens’ nibs are 18k gold and use ebonite feeders. Offered in three writing grades of fine, medium and broad.

The Beauty Book pens have the globally-recognized ‘ribbon’ symbol  engraved on the cap.

The pen for the Men is a grey celluloid in a circumferential stripe. The  the body a form of ‘waist’ reminiscent of a sharp tailored suit. The pocket clip terminates in the signature ‘rolling ball’ that Montegrappa devised to ensure smooth insertion and removal from a pocket. Behind the clip is a ‘secret’ layer of red lacquer.

The pen for the Ladies is smaller clip-less form created, to fit in handbags, purses and clutches. It features genuine Swarovski stones set around cap’s top trim.

02_isbbt_cj_oIn line with, the charity book second edition, the pens are available as fountain or rollerball. The Beauty Book is a limited edition to be issued in 200 items for each model.

To know more about the collection “Click Here”


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