Kosmoderma Medi-Facial Experience – Review

Hia my lovelies! Summer is finally here to stay for the next couple of months. The one thing we need to take care of is our skin. Keeping it hydrated means drinking liters of water. But for that outer glow, we do need extra assistance to get our skin radiating. 
Eternal youth! Maintaining a youthful and glowing skin is no easy task. I use a lot of natural home made remedies. But I am no expert and need to get my skin treated well. I am mostly without makeup and love it to be natural. But fail to add SPF that leads to tanned skin and dark spots that won’t budge. My experience with dermatologists have been very rare. I am very skeptical of the products and procedures done, least it will ruin the balance of skin.

A visit to Kosmoderma

Kosmoderma, founded by Dr. Chytra V. Anand, an internationally renowned cosmetic dermatologist, is a renowned and well known name when it comes to skin care. The clinic’s are spread across the country. I was invited over to a consultation and experience their service post the analysis.  

– The Diagnosis – 

First we begin with a 3D facial analysis. The analysis via the software is spoton. It gives you a 3D rendering of your facial skin and its layers. The dermatologist can now gauge what sort of treatment is required.The dermatologist was impressed I had good skin for my age <wink>.  As I spend majority of my time outdoors, my face had discolouration and few dark spots due to acne…even at my age I am susceptible to acne breakout!

– The Treatment –

I was recommended to go in for Kosmoderma Lightening & Brightening MediFacial. This helps to even the skin tone and help it to regain its lost glow. Fades dark spots and reduce hyperpigmentation. 

– The Procedure –

To start, we begin with a basic cleansing, to remove makeup or residue I had on my face. The dermatologists then quickly uses a mild peeling agent onto my face. She adds a light dose and advises me it will sting. And boy did it!! For a second there I thought my skin was going to peel away. She then runs a second round and quickly runs a device that passes galvanic current to help the peel to soak into my skin.

She then applies ice all over my face to cool it. As it was a bit uncomfortable. Post this she applies the necessary creams and gently massages the face. The massage is done with the tip of fingers and its very soothing. I quite enjoyed this part.

A mask is applied and left on for about 10 minutes. Then wiped clean.

– The Verdict –

Overall, I had a bit of sensitive skin for a day or two. It was a bit sore and did peel around my nose and forehead, which I was told will happen. The dermatologist advised to keep it makeup free and let it breathe. I was given a SPF (Kosmo Sun Protect) to use along with collagen boosting capsules (Skin Brite Capsule) to take for a month.

I did see a visual difference in my skin. The skin did retain a glow for a good couple of weeks. The discoloration was gone. Now I keep using an SPF.



Post a week, I did see the difference as the discolouration had faded! Again this medifacial is and was post diagnosis of my skin, and is not for everyone. To get your own skin analysis head to KosmoDerma and book your appointment.

To know more about KosmoDerma “CLICK HERE’ 

Have you been to Kosmoderma and had an experience with their facials, do let me know via your comments below. Would love to hear from you.


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