It’s Always Coffee O’Clock: Indulge In Hand-Picked Freshly Grounded Coffee With Classic Coffees

We all need a a pick-me-up every morning to jump start the day! For a coffee enthusiast like me, I like mine black, rich in flavour, and no sugar.
There is nothing quiet like that first sip of a strong blend that gets the adrenaline juices flowing. Trying to get a hold of that perfect blend every morning is not so easy. I cannot go to a coffee shop every day, I would be raking up a hefty bill.
For certain days, I make do with the off the shelves coffee. Add hot water and voila. I am good to go.
I recently got introduced to Classic Coffees. Classic Craft  range comprises the very popular Classic Pride and Classic Mountain. Whilst every one has a unique palate, there is a blend to suit each one from their latest premium range as well. The invite was the best I received so far, an alarm clock and just perfect and unique. 
Classic Coffees, is a speciality coffee company. Spanning five generations of coffee heritage. Classic coffees blends come from the company-owned 650 acre Harley Estate in Sakleshpur and Kalladevarapura Estate in ChickmagalurThe new range from Classic Coffees, grouped under its “Premium” range of products – is a result of the company’s focus on product innovation, coffee tasters and blending expertsSo without further ado, I give you the four Blends.
Blaze – this is a heavy bodied blend, and best for the early risers. It has a certain punch. Nutty in fragrance with a bitter aftertaste.
Matinee – this for those who like to have a cuppa post lunch or early evening. Its tasting notes are a mix of spice and mild berry. Light bodied, for workaholics like me, this has the right notes to perk you up for the rest of the day.
Sundowner – as the name suggests, those seeking to enjoy a cuppa with good company. This has a rich taste with clean notes and hints of sweet milk chocolate. A mild aftertaste to act as precursor to dinner.
Afterhours – a night blend curated to soothe and help one unwind after a long day. It is a mellow and flavourful cup which has hints of spice and pleasant citrus to create a smooth body. As with the other three blends are 100% Arabica, Afterhours is blended using Arabica Plantation AA beans.
To wrap up the tasting session, we were given yet another unique and well thought of gift. A crate of the 4 varieties, with clay mugs. I adore these and shall hand paint to give a personal finish. My mornings are just classic these days. Thanks Classic Coffees.
About Classic Coffees:
Classic Coffees is a leading company engaged in the cultivation, processing, export of fine gourmet coffees. Classic Coffees is one of the founder members of Specialty Coffee Association of India (SCAI), besides being a member of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Thought has gone into every aspect of product blending, designed to fit in well with the time of day, equipment used and pairing possibilities; and into related aspects such as packaging design. I love the vacuum sealed packaging in contemporary colours. The packaging contains enough information on best-suited equipment, tasting notes and other inputs to help customer decide which blend to sample. Classic Coffees are available in diverse formats, including roast & ground and beans forms, at leading gourmet stores & premium retail outlets such as Godrej Natures Basket, Westside Gourmet, Namdhari , Nilgiri, all major airports and on e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Wind my wings and Place of origin.

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