Ici c’est Paris! A Love Affair With French Cuisine @ Cafe Noir, Bangalore

As we bid adieu to Sweet September! I have to admit it was one of the busiest month this fine dining city of ours has seen. Each restaurant had Gala food festivals. For the food lovers, it was just perfect way to gorge on some amazing cuisine.

For me personally, it was quite an exceptional month. I ran my first ever food contest with Café Noir Restaurants. It was an experience I shan’t forget. From working with their marketing team and then getting the dates to push the event out. It panned out well in the end. The contest ran for a week, wish it were longer.


The participants had to answer a simple question. “How would you add an Indian twist to Waffles, Quiches, Opera, or anything French?” We received some great responses and there can be only one winner at the end of the day!

Priyanka Buxani – The won the contest. She is a Bangalore resident who happens to be an aspiring fashion blogger. Her answer stood out as she chose to make her dish both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian. “I would add an Indian twist to A Quiche by making a tandoori chicken or a tandoori corn filling for it…”Tandoori Quiche” Isnt that a Fab Idea.”

Cafe Noir needs no introduction here. The name is synonymous for its french cuisine. Cafe and represents the “French Art de Vivre”. First outlet at UB city opened about 7 years ago and now has 3 more to its credits. Cafe Noir Restaurant, offers its customers affordable luxury dining experience, all day long. With Venice styled open air dining atmosphere. This cafe offers traditional french cuisine daily! For those early risers, they offer breakfast fit for a King. For lunch and dinner you can take your pick from the vast menu. Savories of choice, to sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, to their delicious lip smacking pastries.  The meals here are healthy eats. The moment you enter this restaurant, the staff are friendly and courteous. Theirry the owner is always there to greet you and ensure you get looked after and enjoy your meal.

I remember spending hours here back in the day. Brunch as a concept of what it is today, was just picking up its pace. Cafe Noir was just what the doctor ordered for a lazy Sunday. Gorging on gourmet breakfast around noon, drowning my self with umpteen amount of cappuccino. For me the disappointment is the serving is way to much. So I tend to get too full fast and unable to order more of anything. I do have a capacity to eat, but here  I just cannot even finish what I order.

What’s in my Glass?

The wine of the evening was KRSMA Cabernet Sauvignon. A lovely full bodied red wine, the iconic of the lot, well aged.

What’s on My Plate?

The 5 course meal began with Chef’s Pre-Starter

StarterChicken Dumplings (Quenelles) – This dish was just rich and the sauteed mushrooms served with pumpkin cream was divine. I cleared the plate in no time.

MainsBouillabaisse – This is a typical seafood stew, containing fish, clams, squid and small lobster. Served with their in house Rouille sauce (Mayonnaise, potato, saffron, garlic, olive oil). Again another classic, well made. The portion served was just parfait!

Dessert – Pavlova of fresh strawberries served with lime sorbet and fruit coulis! I love sorbet and anything tangy. This delightful pyramid was of lemon sorbet was just heavenly. This dessert left me with wanting more. The chef was glad to make me another one. But I had my fair share for the evening. But the second dessert I had to try was the Royal Chocolate with Rasberry Jelly served with Chocolate Sauce. Slurrp!

The french tunes played at the background softly and, all the guests had left by then. I sat there sipping my hot cup of Cappuccino and had a lovely chat with the Chef’s whilst they had their dinner.

I leave you with two lovely pictures of Thierry the owner of Cafe Noir and Priyanka Buxani the winner of the contest 🙂

To know more about Cafe Noir and its locations – “Click Here”

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