Gods Of The Culinary World Descend On To Namma Bengaluru!

When Gold Rush Entertainment announced the launch of International Food Festival called World on a Plate with illustrious Master chefs of Australia – George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston coming to Bangalore, every food lover to those addicted to the TV show just wanted to know how do I get a way to meet these guys and experience a first of its kind event.

A few of us lucky bloggers, were chosen to attend the press conference held on 3rd June 2016 at the JW Marriott. It was a delight as we got to meet with the most influential connoisseurs of global cuisine.

Happiness is written all over my face lol


Kiran Soans, CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment said, “At Gold Rush Entertainment we believe in bringing quality experience to our customers. The weekend promises to be an exhilarating experience as they take fans in Bangalore on an exciting and inspiring culinary journey”.

Kiran Soans, CEO Gold Rush Entertainment


George Calombaris, who had visited a year ago, said, “I am very excited to be back in India. I love the food here and can’t wait to explore new flavors and cuisine, especially my favorite dish – Jalebis /Vadas. During my last visit, I was thoroughly impressed and excited by the originality of the food and can’t wait to share my experience with foodies in India”.

George Calombaris and Moi!
Soft Shell Crab Parantha by George

Gary Mehigan added, “The diversity of India’s food palate is absolutely fascinating. I am looking forward to cooking for our patrons in India and also gorging on some flavorsome dishes. Indians are exposed to so many flavors of cooking; I will consider my job done if I see smiles across faces of guests at the World On a Plate food festival”.

Gary Mehigan loves my take of saying Chapatis instead Cheese while posing for a picture
White chocolate Cheese Mousse by Gary

Matt Preston as we all know loves Indian cuisine said,I love a variety of textures and flavors. I am a firm believer that amazing recipes and culinary techniques are held as much by home cooks as great chefs in restaurants. Inspired by the Indian home-style technique, I will be cooking Coorgi style chicken from a small yet significant part closer to Bangalore and I can’t wait to hear the comments and feedback that I can take home with me”.

Matt Person loves saying Idlies instead of Cheese


Grilled chicken on honey glazed pumpkin by Matt
Chef's Matt, George and Gary @ the World On A Plate by Goald Rush
Chef’s Matt, George and Gary @ the World On A Plate by Gold Rush Entertainment
Chef's Matt, George and Gary @ the World On A Plate by Goald Rush (4)
Chef’s Matt, George and Gary @ the World On A Plate
Chef's Matt, George and Gary @ the World On A Plate by Goald Rush (5)
Chef’s Matt, George and Gary @ the World On A Plate



This weekend seems to the highlight all food lovers have been waiting for! World on a Plate, brings a truly global experience to the country. George, Matt and Gary will be taking on a culinary journey, for more details on how you can be apart of this extravagant festival, (better hurry because its just this weekend) click here to book your tickets – World on a Plate

You could get a sneak peak of the live press conference (which was streamed live), that took place today, via my YouTube channel & Please Do NOT forget to subscribe on Youtube – Skinny Girl Diariez

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