Embark On A Culinary Journey At The Mangalorean Food Festival @ B Cafe, Shangri La Bangalore

I am an ardent fan of coastal cuisine, and very proud that I am a Mangalorean. Even thou I was raised and grew up in Dubai, my parents taught me well, especially to learn to cook and love food for what its worth, and above all give grace. My love for cooking came about when I decided to live on my own, I inculcated my mother’s recipe, everything she learnt, she made sure she handed it over. When I am at home, my days off work, or in the evenings, when I am not on a blog assignment or have meetings, I am busy conjuring up or trying to replicate the dishes that my Mother taught me, from delicious prawn curry with raw mango to spicy fish fry. Call me a seafood lover if you will!

Mangalorean Cuisine, is influenced by all the regions of South of India, and it is evident in the way its preparation. Even though Mangalore is a small town, the cuisine is as diverse with influences from the communities like Bunts, Catholics, Saraswant Brahmins, Cuisine from Udupi…and the list just goes on. As it’s a coastal and tropical region, we have a variety of unique fruits and vegetables like jack fruit, coconut being the main ingredient, along with jaggery which sort of neutralizes the spice from the red chilli used in cooking.

Shangri La Bangalore is hosting the Mangalorean Food Festival at the B Café. With Sous Chef Rounak Kinger (who traveled to Mangalore to specifically to learn more about the culture and the cuisine before they set up the food fest) and Chef Vidya Prabhu who has been flown over specifically so we have authentic Mangalorean cuisine, and they have left no room for any criticism when it comes to the flavours. The menu here at B Café is exhaustive and caters to both Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians alike so just take your pick, as it’s a buffet you can literally taste almost all of it.

The Mangalorean Food Festival is on from 20th August until 28th August 2016.

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What’s in my Glass?

Mangalore is a coastal city and is very humid throughtout the year, so to stay cool, the locals indulge in tender coconut water and other specialty drinks, which is a welcome drink in most house holds called “Kokum” aka Garcinia Indica which is a red and sour fruit.
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What’s on my Plate?

Where do I begin? There was so much food all over!

I went straight for the fried fish, as it beckoned, Kane (Lady Fish)  Rawa Fry. This is a signature dish and highly recommend if you love fish. I also was tempted and went in for the Seer fish fillet, and Makerel (Bangude) both were marinated well with red chilli paste. These I I highly recommend trying.

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I love Neer Dosa, it is light and so tasty, just melts in your mouth and can be eaten either on its own or goes well with any gravy or chutney. It is rice pancake of sorts.


 Neer dosa with Silver fish curry and Menaskali (Raw mango made with Jaggery & Spices)

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Other favorites around were Chicken Ghee Roast, soft chicken fried with ghee and spices, and the infamous Kori Gassi, a Chicken curry made out of coconut paste, this is eaten with Roti (wafer thin rice flakes ( broke into pieces and the gravy is poured over it.

I have to say the menu was very impressive overall, but a bit of a disappointment for me was they did not have Pork Bafat and Sannans that evening, the menu apparently keeps changing. If you have been to this festival, do let me know via comments below what your thought of this special food festival. I leave you with some of the images from the food festival.

And you all know my love for selfies with the Chef’s, so here is my mandatory selfie

Chef Vidhya aka Komal from The Maharaja Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Mangalore
Chef Vidhya aka Komal from The Maharaja Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Mangalore
Chef Rounak from Shangri-La Bangalore
Chef Rounak from Shangri-La Bangalore

The week long festival promises to bring to you a specially curated menu which includes an array of lip smacking traditional coastal delicacies like Chicken Ghee Roast, Kori Rotti, Pathrode, and the infamous ice-cream called “Gadbad.” If you did pay a visit to this food festival, do let me know via comments below what your thought of it.

Venue: B Cafe, Shangrila, Bangalore
To reserve your table call 080 4512 6420

Lunch – INR 1250++
Dinner – INR 1600++ (inclusive of a glass of beer or glass of Fratelli wine)

To know more (click link) – Shangri-La, Bangalore

‘Drink Responsibly’

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