Bowled Over By Piping Hot Dim Sums @ Memories of China, Vivanta By Taj

Say the word “DimSum” and I salivate. It is the best soul food by far. I couldn’t resist declining at invite to “Dim sum Festival” at Memories of China. Chef Ramasamy Selvaraju was as eager to serve up some succulent dim sums and a surprise was in store. Lucky for me I live close by which made it all the more tempting to hop over.
True to its name Memories Of China @ Vivanta By Taj know how to get its customer return back for more! The decor is elegant and has an certain charm to it with its warriors welcoming you at the entrance. Soft music plays at the background whilst you are guided to you table. This Contemporary dual-level Chinese restaurant in a hotel has an open kitchen which livens up the setting.

The afternoon was perfect to sip on some lovely lychee flavored tea and nibble on some Kim chi, whilst the chef prepared to serve up a fest.
There was an eclectic mix and variants of Dimsums served from the Steamed prawn Hargow. This has to be my all time favorite. I can eat as many and still have room for more! The Crispy prawn roll chung fan (This has to be my latest crush) the crispy crunch of the roll followed by succulent prawn inside, absolute divine. I went in for a second helping.
Crispy prawn roll chung fan

I am not a fan of vegetarian stuffing, but the Coriander & spring onion chung fan was perfect compliment to tea I was sipping. It was a crispy puff pastry with spring onion stuffing, nice and creamy on the inside.

The vegetarian bao’s now this was a surprise, I am a complete Pork Bao fan, so this was a bit unique for me.

Spinish and corn dimsum

The chicken steamed fried dim sum is a must have, best with chilli sauce.

There is so much buzz with Mango being the seasonal fruit and a current favorite in every recipe. Chef Selevraj went all out to surprise us with steamed Alphonso Mango dim sums. This is rather an exotic one, that melts with one bite. No added sugar, its own sweetness and juices made me stuff my mouth with another and then another. At this point I am convincing myself that this is healthy and its a fresh fruit. A must have and I highly recommend trying these before the season runs dry.

For soup lovers, the classic hot and sour you cannot go wrong with. Another recommendation is the spicy lemon coriander soup this was bowl of goodness.

spicy lemon coriander soup

Chicken and Seafood hot and sour soup

Chef Selvaraju, didn’t disappoint with having us enjoy a rather lush lunch fit for a king.

Post the feast, it was a real treat to head behind the scenes to check how these delectable dim sums get made. And we rather forgot about the desserts. <smirk>
If there is anything I learnt is that upper body strength is a must to mix the dough to the right consistency and give it its gelatine glassy finishThe festival is on until the end of this MAY, so hurry, do try the Mango Dim-sum in keeping with the Mango mania. This is one dim sum party you do not want to miss ☺
A trip to Memories of China is never dull moment. Have you ever dined in at Memories of China @ Vivanta By Taj? Would love to hear what is your favorite dish

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