Ayubowen! Celebrate An Extravagant Feast By Soaking Up The Fragrant Flavours of Sri Lanka @ Cafe Mozaic, Vivanta By Taj, Bangalore

I had traveled to Sri Lanka a couple of years ago, and still remember the vibrate and beautiful tropical country for what it is. The highlight of my trip has to be the food, it resembles the South Indian Cuisine, yet what sets this cuisine apart is the choice of spices that form its own distinct aroma and flavor.

Sri Lankan’s love their curries and rice to go with. So to ensure we get a real treat of the real deal, Chef Kalinga Lalith and Chef M.A. Palitha Chandana from Vivanta by Taj- Bentota, Sri Lanka have created an extravagant feast for us to enjoy which is on until the 15th of August at Cafe Mosaic, Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore.

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Did you know the dominant ingredient in Sri Lankan cooking is the Coconut?

Seafood is an all time favorite in Sri Lanka, and the food fest doesn’t disappoint. I just love seafood. When I heard there was a Sri Lankan Food Festival, I just had to go experience the grandeur of the Sri Lankan Cuisine.

Live cooking stations greet you as you enter the pool side of the restaurant. The decadent ambience, the succulent cuisine served as a buffet with unlimited Kingfisher Beer all for 1500+ Taxes…Now this doesn’t get any better than that!

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What’s in my Glass?

All the beer lovers, its unlimited beer with your Dinner.

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What’s on my Plate?

Now this is a buffet and live cooking station just called out with the sizzle and aroma. You can take your pick with a variety of choices. There are a lot of exotic dishes to try, the signature beingCurries. I got to relish almost all of them.

To start with I went in for the infamous Hoppers (Appam as its known in South India). You can chose the plain one or go for the egg topped onto the Hopper. This is best had with Lunimiris (onion chilli sambal)

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For the love of seafood – Sri Lankan spiced marinated grilled fish & cuttlefish, devilled prawns. Just delicious!

The curries are just incredibly tasty, not spicy, and you can chose from their main signature curries – Cashew garlic curry, Malu aba curry (fish cooked in mustard curry), Elumas ala curry (mutton curry with potatoes), Kukulumas koththamalai curry (chicken curry with coriander), tender jackfruit ambula (sour jackfruit curry), Kukulumas siyambala (chicken curry with tamarind), Kakulu curry (crab curry). These go well with the Hoppers or Rice (Reo country rice with green gram).

It does not end there, desserts galore at the festival with an enticing array to satiate your sweet tooth featuring – Kokis (deep-fried crispy rice flour cake), Sweet athirasa (rice cake with jiggery), Sweet aluva (semolina with milk, cashew & ghee) and more.

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The evening was just a delight, with great food, free flowing beer the night was alive by the mesmerizing folk dance performances by the renowned ‘Budawatta Dance Troupe’ assuring an unforgettable evening taking your spirit a notch higher. Here is a glimpse of one of the performance from the evening.

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I leave you with some pictures from my the evening.

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For the love of Seafood

About Cafe Mozaic @ Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore – This is a 24 hour dining in house restaurant located at Vivanta by Taj, MG Road. The pool side setting is perfect for  Offering some of the best multi-cuisine dishes, this all-day diner in Bangalore is a real treat!. The easy charm and classic comfort dishes (from both east and west) make Café Mosaic a lively scene, even at the oddest hour. To know more about the Cafe and the Hotel – “Click Here”

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‘Drink Responsibly’

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