A Mangiical Menu To Beat The Heat @ CAFE MANGII

Monday evenings are pretty quite around the city, but a few of us lucky bloggers, got invited to try out the new menu launch at Cafe Mangii. I had the opportunity to taste almost everything on the menu. And when I say everything it is just that, I really need to watch myself here, as the small size bits are too tempting to stop at just one! <wink>

We were served chilled chardonnay accompanied by a really awesome cooler in the shot glasses. The Mango mint cooler was a breath of fresh air, and delicious…it is just what the doctor ordered especially with the summer heat!

To start was Amuse BoucheI am a sucker for cheese, I just couldn’t resist and had to stop myself to save space for the rest of the dishes that were to be served through the night. The platter Plateau De Fromage had Brie, Emmental, Cheddar, Chevre, Walnuts, Gala Grapes, Crostini & Grissini. We were also served Mini Watermelon Cups – that had Feta Fondue, Arugula, Pine Nuts & Aged Balsamic Reduction. This was just perfect to get started.

Mini Watermelon Cups
Mini Watermelon Cups – Feta Fondue, Arugula, Pine Nuts & Aged Balsamic Reduction


Aperitif –  a refresher was shot of Guava & Mint Granita, I got greedy and had about 3 of these. 

Guava & Mint Granita
Guava & Mint Granita

Soup of the DayI have to admit of all the items served, that night off the menu, the Potage Parmentier, a very creamy leek & potato soup with spinach crispi’s, it was a just what the doctor ordered! The creamy texture and the flavors in the soup were just comforting, rich-tasting that it just melts-in-your-mouth. If I could have I would have had this as a meal on its own.

Potage Parmentier
Potage Parmentier, a very creamy leek & potato soup with spinach crispi’s


SaladCrisp Celery Fennel Slaw, Gala Apples, Dried Cranberries, sprinkled with Sunflower seeds, topped with Honey Dijon dressing. So fresh and light, a must try for those who are health conscious.


Appetizers – This was a mix platter of Gorged Mushrooms (herb cream cheese and Parmesan stuffed Mushrooms smudged with BBQ Sauce), Crostini Di Polenta (Grilled Parmesan Polenta Cakes with Peperonata and Chive Aioti), Baked Jalapeno Molten (Cream Cheese stuffed Jalapenos, salsa Verde, Sweet Paprika topped with Garlic Sauce), Chicken Envelope (Scamorza gorged bacon Chicken Blanket, Smoked BBQ Basted, Apricot Orange glaze on top), Jerk Chicken Olivetti (Scotch Bonnet Peppers fumed Chicken Supreme, Jerk Mayo topped with Pina-Colada dip).





Mains I had ordered Pollo Lombardy for my main which was Marsala & Mushroom immersed Chicken, Parsley Mozzarella Melt, and Grilled Asparagus),  and disappointed I was not! It was simply divine, a must try and highly recommended by the chef!

Pollo Lombardy
Pollo Lombardy


My Fellow blogger ordered the Saffron Al Fungi Risotto – This is a vegetarian delight, and a classic at Cafe Mangii, tomato rice, with very mild flavored dil saffron sauce served on a bed of paneer (cottage cheese) steak.


Dessert – I was already stuffed and had no space left to try out the dessert, besides I do not have a sweet tooth. We got served Philadelphia Baked Cheese Cake with Blueberry Compote, I really love this one. There was also Velvet Brick Brownie served with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Philadelphia Baked Cheese Cake with Blueberry Compote
Philadelphia Baked Cheese Cake with Blueberry Compote


Velvet Brick Brownie served with Vanilla Ice-cream
Velvet Brick Brownie served with Vanilla Ice-cream

Overall, a lovely evening, over some light banter. A tiny celebration to beat the Blues. I would definitely recommend trying the new menu. To all the Vegetarians out there, this is a delightful menu. Buon Appetito!

Check out their regular menu here – Cafe Mangii

‘Drink Responsibly’

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