A Luxurious Spa Date with Heaven on Earth’s Serena Spa @ Bengaluru Marriott, Whitefield

This time of year where we are bombarded by festivities, weddings and oh wait Christmas is coming! All the late nights, champagne or whatever you fancy drinking, along with eating food (junk) at odd hours sure does put the body into a lot of stress.

Just a few more weeks to go before its 31st December, and we realize the year has left us. My resolution so far to get my life in order is still Work-In-Process. But there is one thing I never failed to do this year, is to pamper myself no matter what came my way. Blogging has given me access to the best Spa sessions so far. To top off I too have taken a keen interest in booking my own appointments to make sure I am pampered.

A mini break or spa day as I like to call it, is not only invigorating but does wonders to our whole self.

Nestled within the luxurious Bengaluru Marriott Hotel in Whitefield is Serena Spa that is owned by award winning international multi-brand wellness organization called Heaven on Earth. This brand offers harmonious mix of both Indian and International holistic techniques, methodologies and ingredients that enhance overall wellness. Heaven on Earth delivers wellness experiences across airports, resorts, hotels, hospitals, high streets in India, Maldives, Seychelles and Spain.

My appointment was set up for about 11am, figured do an early spa day. I had the hotel car pick me up in true Marriott style. On arrival, I had a walk through of the spa, and decided to head to the Jacuzzi post the steam…followed by the massage and facial.

Serena Spa is an affordable luxury day spa that offers a diverse range of holistic treatments to natural beauty therapies. Rule to having a best day at the spa is to forget about all the things and concentrate on the current situation of being pampered, this way you will find yourself wrapped up in an experience that is meant to melt away your stress and ensure you are feeling your best.

The Serena Spa comes fully equipped with Treatment rooms, Steam room, Jacuzzi and a Sauna. The shower room is spacious and has a relaxation area for post your therapy session. For the fitness fanatics the gym is right across the corridor.

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I took the Activated Charcoal Massage. This one promises to Exfoliate, Rejuvenate and Refresh. The masseurs first massages with oil and later scrubs using the preparation. I am very sensitive so found it a bit tingling than usual. Over all it was rather a fantastic massage no doubt, however the irritation as its drying up, is something you have to make a note of. Nothing alarming, its natural with all scrubs.

Charcoal as an ingredient is known to purify the skin of free radicals and help sclear up acne and and removal of dead skin. Skin is left super soft, radiant, and free of dirt, oil, and impurities. I have to say it was worth it over all, post the shower, my skin felt supple and soft.

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Next up I had to head to get my natural facial scrub – Honey and Cucumber. Now I am not a big fan of facials. I love my face way to much to put it through any harsh chemicals. When I heard this was all natural ingredients cut and made fresh I just had to try it out.

Yogurt, Honey and sesame seeds with turmeric paste. Honey is known to promote new cell growth, and freshly roasted sesame seeds gently exfoliates the skin and turmeric has remedial property to remove toxins and have a natural glow on the skin. The massures gently scrubs using the paste to exfoliate the skin. After cleansing it, honey is applied to the face and massaged. This allows for better flow of oxygen and blood flow. It also tightens the skin, as it hardens and is extra sticky. Post this yogurt is applied and the cucumber slices are placed on top of the face. This is left for about 20mins to soak in the juices and wiped cleaned later.

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My top pick is the Honey Cucumber facial, my face had a natural glow to it for the next few days. Don’t you just love it when your face has this natural sheen? Who needs illuminators <wink>

The charcoal body scrub is a must try. Again not for the faint hearted or those with very sensitive skin. If you can muster the courage then go for it. I really enjoyed the experience. I am tempted to go in for a repeat!

To end my experience on a good note, I was offered herbal tea. I took my time to just unwind and relax at the lounge. The Serena Spa is fairly new, and offers just a handful of their services currently. I cant wait to head back once they have their beauty spas and treatments ready.

By the end of my two hour treatment my skin felt soft, my face looked brighter with a nice glow, and I felt relaxed and calm.


When at the Spa remember these essential to give you maximum relaxation – 
• Always, book in advance and try and arrive 15 minutes early, so as to allow time to let your senses begin to relax.
• Switch off your Mobile or keep it on Silent Mode during the therapy, you need a break and so does your phone!
• Remember to hydrate yourself with lots of water after your Spa treatment.

Heaven on Earth & Serena Spa (To know more) – “CLICK HERE”



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